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Collaborative Work Management Tools for Enterprise

Written By: Elise Freedman
May 1, 2023
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Enhance results with collaborative work management tools

Organizations in every vertical are looking for new ways to enhance collaboration for workers who may be located across the country and around the world. Collaborative work management (CWM) tools are quickly replacing traditional project management technology, providing workers with solutions that streamline workflows, enable seamless communication, and provide access to shared data and analytics.

In contrast to traditional project management solutions, collaborative work management software integrates teams throughout the organization, rather than just those teams working on a single project. CWM tools transcend location as well, promoting collaboration with teams or companies in other time zones and regions. Rather than focusing on individual performance, collaborative work management tools focus on collective productivity, improving efficiency at every level of collaborative work.

For organizations seeking collaborative work management tools, Quickbase offers a CWM solution as part of an application development platform that allows users with any technical background to customize software and create solutions that modernize complex workflows. With Quickbase, your teams can access the tools they need to enhance collaboration, communication, and project delivery.

How to choose collaborative work management tools

Collaborative work management tools come in all shapes and sizes. Most include a standard set of features such as videoconferencing technology, direct messaging, screen sharing, project tracking, and document sharing tools.

As you consider which solution to adopt, keep these key criteria in mind.

Needs of your team

Help your employees and teams communicate and collaborate throughout a hybrid workplace with key capabilities such as:

  • The ability to share data easily
  • Tools for sharing presentations
  • Technology for managing online meetings
  • Advanced messaging and communication features
  • Customizable project management and progress tracking
  • Compatibility with a wide range of existing technologies, apps, and devices

Ease of adoption

Collaborative work management tools come with a broad range of learning curves. Some are quite intuitive and require little technical know-how. Others are highly sophisticated but difficult to manage, which can hinder adoption and integration.

Essential features

Many organizations find the following features to be essential in a CWM platform:

  • Shared workspaces and dashboards
  • A variety of communication channels – group messaging, video calling, direct messaging, and more
  • Performance management tools
  • Task management tools
  • Project tracking and planning capabilities
  • Document management
  • Built-in data security
  • Per-user pricing

Quickbase: an easy-to-use CWM platform

Quickbase is a fully customizable, no code software development platform that helps your teams tackle projects of unlimited complexity. Our easy-to-use collaborative work management tools provide comprehensive capabilities, easy adoption, and all the essential features of any CWM platform.

Additionally, our custom application development platform lets users with any level of coding background tailor Quickbase CWM tools for the unique needs of your organization. Users can customize how they manage each project, automating workflows and gleaning real-time insight while enjoying unmatched support from our customer service team.

With Quickbase’s collaborative work management tools, your teams can:

  • Make collaboration simple. Centralized dashboards, robust integrations, and no-code capabilities help to streamline collaborative efforts.
  • Share information easily. Quickbase unites silos of information by providing a centralized place where users can access data that originates anywhere within the organization. With Quickbase, there is no more time wasted searching for the latest versions of spreadsheets or toggling between applications to find specific information.
  • Keep everything organized. Simple and secure data sharing among teams helps to keep everyone on the same page and allows better decision-making as well as greater accuracy when it comes to budgets and timelines.
  • Leverage resources for the last mile. When delivering projects, the final sprint or last mile can be incredibly costly in time and resources. Quickbase’s collaborative work management tools deliver the 360° visibility and the integration of tools and data you need to efficiently and effectively power work through to completion.

Additional Quickbase solutions

Quickbase solutions help to transform collaboration across many industries – from construction, solar, and property management to manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, legal, and more. In addition to collaborative work management tools, Quickbase provides business management software solutions for a broad array of business needs.

  • Supply chain management tools help scale up while simplifying, standardizing, and automating supply chain processes.
  • Process improvement and workflow management software help to continuously improve processes at the core of your business.
  • Field services tools deliver more power to field teams to track client and project information from any location, on any device.
  • CRM and sales capabilities centralize data, securely integrate with existing systems, and evolve as the business grows.
  • Training management solutions maintain and manage training data in a central and secure location.
  • Work order management technology delivers visibility into work orders across your portfolio to drive strong performance in every location.
  • Resource management and scheduling tools balance workloads, reduce costs, and help meet goals faster with custom solutions.
  • Budget and financial management capabilities help cut costs and maximize profits.
  • Subcontractor management tools eliminate manual work and help track contracts, vendor performance, certifications, and job quality.
  • Real estate portfolio management capabilities make it easy to access and manage all property and real estate information in one place.
  • Site selection & evaluation tools help you select the right locations while closing visibility gaps and increasing confidence in growth decisions.
  • Real estate contract management technology helps to easily manage property agreements, leases, customer, and vendor contracts.

Why customers love Quickbase

Quickbase helps organizations accelerate continuous innovation of unique processes by providing a common platform for no-code and low-code development. Our no-code capabilities enable users who can’t write code to build powerful solutions for complex processes and projects. For experienced and professional developers, Quickbase offers low-code capabilities that deliver faster time to value and increase productivity through the use of graphical UIs and app configurations.

With 20 years of experience and nearly 6,000 customers, we have built a platform with a proven approach and best practices that enable successful citizen development and citizen automation at scale. With the ability to integrate easily with existing data stores, workflows, and technology stacks, Quickbase eliminates duplicate efforts while enabling continuous deployment of new capabilities without downtime.


What is collaborative work management?

Collaborative work management is the practice of providing workers with the tools and processes they need to better plan, execute, manage, and track their work on collaborative initiatives designed to achieve a common goal.

What are collaborative work management tools?

Collaborative work management tools simplify collaboration by enabling workers to communicate effectively, access data easily, streamline management of complex projects, and organize joint efforts to achieve results efficiently and effectively.

Elise Freedman
Written By: Elise Freedman

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