Quickbase is a high reliability and availability platform. The history of our system status and availability is publicly available here. The reliability of our systems is achieved due to years of experience and the design of our infrastructure.

There are a number of measures used to achieve this:

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Each component of the infrastructure which powers Quickbase — from network equipment to web, app and database servers — is highly available and redundant. If something were to drastically impact our production services, our DR capabilities are best in class. Quickbase maintains 2 geographically diverse, production-ready data centers for all core infrastructure components. Production data is replicated to the warm standby data center with up to a 15 minute delay, i.e., a recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes.

If an issue were to impact the production site, we only need 2 hours to bring up production at the DR site, i.e., a recovery time objective (RTO) of 2 hours. We periodically (2-4 times per year) switch between the two data centers as part of our normal disaster recovery plan validation process. Switching between data centers allows us to ensure that Quickbase’s disaster recovery plan is tested and working properly should there ever be a real disaster.

Further information about our platform architecture can be found in our Platform Evaluation Guide.


Quickbase data is continuously replicated from the production to the warm standby data center. In each data center, Quickbase app and file attachment data is backed up via a daily snapshot from online storage to alternate online storage within the same data center. Quickbase maintains 14 daily snapshots and 6 months of weekly snapshots. This same procedure is done in the disaster recovery data center.

The backup data is encrypted by virtue of the fact that the data is encrypted at the application layer. Removable backup media is not used, hence there is no physical transportation of media. Additionally customers may download their Quickbase application data at any time. For more information consult our help article on backups.

Incident Response

Quickbase employs tools and process which monitor the platform, network, server and service components which make up the Quickbase services, and has a dedicated security team and incident response processes. Quickbase commits to notifying affected customers of any suspected or confirmed unauthorized access to information via e-mail or phone.


Quickbase’s operations team employs automated incident detection, escalation technologies and procedures which ensure that any infrastructure or sub-service provider issue is rapidly addressed, 24/7/365. Customers may view and subscribe to service status updates here.