Build better apps with Quickbase Advanced Performance Management Tools

Maintaining good app architecture becomes challenging as you add users and your app grows in complexity. Tackle this challenge with Quickbase’s built-in Advanced Performance Management features.

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Maintain lean, efficient, performant apps

Manage your app as it grows and scales with less effort and time using the Advanced Performance Management tools on the Enterprise plan. Gain deeper level insights, automate app optimizations, and help your dashboards run faster by upgrading to Enterprise and using these features.

Level up your app performance

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Performance Optimizer

A “do it for me” tool that will comb an app for optimizations and apply changes in one click.
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Performance Insights

Uncover potential app improvements, troubleshoot, and evaluate potential changes.
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Caching Controls

Reduce demands on your busy apps by saving field data and delaying calculations.
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Best practices for managing apps

Using Performance Analyzer
Run Performance Analyzer within an app, dashboard, or form, to pinpoint specific issues that could improve app performance.
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Planning app architecture
The structure of your app is the foundation for a successful app. Lay a strong foundation with these recommendations.
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Scaling your apps
Build apps with an eye toward the future by considering the concept of your apps scaling “out” or “up.”
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10 steps for app maintenance
Successful apps attract more users. Help your app keep up with these 10 steps.
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