Accelerate kaizen with no-code solutions

Reduce cycle times, increase speed to production, and minimize waste with Quickbase.

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Three ways to improve processes with Quickbase

1. Modernize your tech stack

Upgrade your tools from decade-old spreadsheets, paper print-outs, and physical binders to a no-code platform built for centralization and transparency.

2. Get a clear view of your data

Fill the gaps across MESs, ERPs, and other existing enterprise software. Track target vs. performance metrics like accuracy, surface quality, and formability.

3. Automate your processes

Make “go” or “no go” plant decisions with the right data and stakeholders. Quickly solve for issues that are unique to your organization.
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Integrate your data for faster, more accurate decisions

As expectations for vehicle launch timelines decrease, manufacturing methodologies demand tools that are easy to build and maintain. Your team will need to efficiently organize manufacturing and logistics in order to minimize cost and waste.

Making decisions with shared data is one of the largest – and best hidden – sources of wasted resources and slowed lead times. With shared dashboards, up-to-date information, and automated integrations, your team can make faster, smarter decisions.

Stay on-time and on-budget

Demand doesn't stop when your facility is being retooled or when a new supplier is added to your operations. Keep up with Quickbase, which will enable your team to build automated workflows to replace manual processes, manage the work, and augment systems to connect siloed data for better visibility.

That increased visibility, real-time reporting, and reliable analytics will help your team reduce lead time, reduce cycle time, and improve information flow – so business disruption doesn't mean process disruption.

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