Accelerate Kaizen

Getting a new vehicle to market with unprecedented speed requires smart decisions, faster.

Increase speed to production, reduce cycle times, and minimize muda with a platform that accelerates Kaizen.

Continuously improved digital workflows

For many auto OEMs, the mechanism to collect, track, and manage data, workflows, and decisions remain stagnant.  Alleviate your people from decade-old spreadsheets and paper print outs with a platform built for continuously improved workflows. By upgrading the processes that surround your manufacturing, you extend the investments made in production equipment while respecting the time and expertise of your team members. Enabling you to:

  • Centrally track and gain insights on previously siloed data to make smart decisions, faster
  • Manage manual steps surrounding manufacturing, like engineering equipment processes
  • Fill the gaps between existing, or in-house built, software
  • Car manufacturing plant

    Quick Base enables 'The Toyota Way' excellence

    As expectations for vehicle launch timelines decrease, manufacturing methodologies like Toyota Production System (TPS) demand agile platforms that:

    Accelerate Kaizen  by automating and connecting programs like process workflows, checklist management, plant and vehicle compatibility assessments

    Respect team members with a platform that empowers anyone to solve a problem and create a workflow, without waiting for another team member or IS

    Drive real-time transparency and communication  between internal manufacturing teams, suppliers, and leadership to enable virtual feedback from the gemba and simultaneous engineering eliminating costly downstream changes or errors

    We want to systematically go over every step in our processes — from R&D to manufacturing, sales and servicing — in order to raise the combat effectiveness of our business as a whole.
    Shigeki TomoyamaExecutive Vice President of Toyota

    Where to start? Muda, exposed.

    Principal Manufacturing Solutions Consultant, Peter Rifken, reviews value process mapping as a high-value, detailed approach to exposing hidden muda in an organization.

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    Quickbase Complete Project Manager App Mobile

    From spreadsheet to mobile application in 10 minutes

    Peter Rifken walks through the step-by-step process to turn a static spreadsheet into a mobile, work order tracking solution on the Quick Base platform, no coding required.

    Digital workflows in action

    Sample digital workflows in asset management, program management & KPI reporting.

    Partnering with Quickbase

    Culture aligned to the Toyota Way

    Enabling continuous improvement and prioritizing respect for team members

    Self managed and self implemented software

    Empower the people closest to the work to build the tools they need to connect programs, centralize siloed data, and increase real-time communication and transparency


    Workflows customized to your exact processes, and designed to make incremental improvements in hours or days


    Break down silos and foster a culture of continuous improvement by connecting processes, data and teams across the entire organization – from the board room to the production floor

    Total Cost of Ownership

    Solve countless challenges on a single platform, consolidate multiple tools and data sources into one source of truth, and extend use of legacy systems to maximize investment