Quick Base Partnership with Vista Equity Partners

In January 2019, Quick Base signed a definitive agreement to receive a majority investment by Vista Equity Partners (Vista), a market-leading investment firm. With the support of Vista, Quick Base will not only be able to continue growing its products, but the company will also have the opportunity to enhance workflow automation and to invest in artificial intelligence along with machine learning tools. The partnership with Vista further enables Quick Base to fund our growth for the long-term.

An exciting venture for both companies, Vista is aligned with the Quick Base vision, which is to create software that will influence positive change on businesses and organizations in order to work more effectively, resulting in better service for their network of valued customers, employees, and partners. Quick Base CEO Rick Willett has said of the partnership, “At Quick Base, we are passionately pursuing a near limitless opportunity to disrupt and democratize IT and enterprise software. Every day we’re empowering people closest to the work to customize, automate and enhance their processes. Vista shares our vision and our passion, and we could not be more excited to partner with their team to further accelerate our growth.”

Vista’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, Robert F. Smith believes the partnership will empower Quick Base to continue its success, saying, “At its core, software is a tool that turns good ideas into scalable and actionable solutions. By empowering every employee, no matter his or her technical background, to build applications that suit their business needs, Quick Base’s platform helps build a stronger workforce, and smarter workplaces.”

About Vista Equity Partners

Vista executes private equity, permanent capital, credit and public equity investment strategies. The company exclusively invests in enterprise software companies and works with its partner organizations to create sustainable growth at scale. With offices in Austin, Chicago, New York, Oakland and San Francisco, Vista’s team of experts use innovation and decades of experience to create strategies that maximize results for all stakeholders.

Vista was founded in 2000 by engineer and technologist Robert F. Smith, who serves as the firm’s Chairman and CEO. Through the network of companies in Vista’s portfolio, the firm has the opportunity to work with industry leaders who are experienced in a variety of markets, and their collaboration with Vista consistently results in long-term successes and expansions. Their mission is to empower companies to drive positive change, innovation and growth in the markets and communities they serve.

The company has shown its continuous support for technology and financial literacy organizations such as Girls Who Invest and Code.org. Vista has created and facilitated “Hour of Code” events throughout Austin, Texas, to teach children the basics of computer coding. In 2019 the company launched a multi-year, $1.5 million partnership with Girls Who Invest with hopes to increase the number of women in leadership positions in the asset management industry.

To learn more about the partnership, read the company announcement published on Quick Base Blog.

FAQs For Quick Base Customers

For Quick Base customers, this partnership means that Quick Base and their community have a bright and bold future. Following the announcement of the partnership, Quick Base published a list of helpful responses to frequently asked questions. The responses are included below.

Why did this partnership happen?

Quick Base has a bold, exciting vision that our software can radically disrupt how businesses and organizations of all sizes work more effectively and better serve their customers, employees, and partners. Vista shares that vision and excitement. We are thrilled to partner with Vista, as a proven leader, in order to dramatically accelerate on this vision.

What impact do you expect to the product roadmap?

We expect our product roadmap to accelerate. Over the last 18 months, Quick Base has revamped our product organization, and this has resulted in a significant impact in delivering customer-focused innovation and value. This announcement will help us deliver even more innovation and value across our entire spectrum of customers.

Will this change my level of service?

No. You will continue to receive the outstanding service and support that you have come to expect from our Customer Success and Customer Care teams.

Who do I contact for support or customer success—does that change?

No changes are occurring here—you continue to engage with your existing customer success and/or care representatives. With significant investments being made in these areas, you should see continuous improvement.

What is Welsh Carson’s role now?

Welsh, Carson, Anderson, and Stowe, former majority owner, is excited about our vision and progress, and they will remain a meaningful shareholder in our road ahead.