Quickbase Sees Demand Double from Real Estate Customers; Addresses Tech Gaps in Real Estate Lifecycle Management

The no-code platform is seeing explosive growth as industry leaders struggle to connect the fragmented end-to-end real estate management process

New Orleans, La. – November 8, 2022 Quickbase, the no-code platform for complex project portfolios, announced at Groundbreak 2022 extraordinary growth in demand to support real estate projects – nearly doubling sales since last year – with customers that include the largest banks, pharmacies and retailers in the Fortune 50. The company continues to focus and invest in features and expertise that address the requirements for end-to-end real estate portfolio lifecycle management.

“Real estate projects have become increasingly complex – whether it’s retrofitting a retail footprint, expanding locations or anything in between – so it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a growing number of real estate leaders seek out technology to stay across it,” said Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase. “At Quickbase, we’re continuing to invest in features and expertise to support the unique needs of real estate leaders.”

Changing consumer behaviors are driving businesses to rethink their physical footprints, but reinventing a massive real estate portfolio is highly complex work to manage, with locations across geographies, siloed teams, numerous contractors and more.

“It’s information chaos – multiple systems that aren’t speaking to each other means crucial data isn’t visible,” said James Boye-Doe, vice president of real estate solutions at Quickbase. “Quickbase is helping fill this gap in real estate lifecycle management, connecting systems to create a single view of data, so every team member at every location has the insights they need across the entire portfolio.”

Conquering complexity in commercial real estate

For over two decades, Quickbase has partnered with companies across industries where large, diverse real estate portfolios are the norm, including banks, retailers and healthcare. One great example is Foodstuffs, the largest food retailer in New Zealand, with hundreds of locations and a multi-billion dollar property portfolio.

Steven Mitchell, formerly head of store design and delivery for Foodstuffs North Island (now head of property design and delivery for Foodstuffs South Island), managed the region’s 350+ sites. Before Quickbase, the company's real estate projects were suffering.

“I would talk to five or six different people, and get five or six different answers,” Mitchell said. “We were not effectively employing the capex we were allocated each year to grow and develop the property portfolio.”

Quickbase’s platform empowered the Foodstuffs team to create an entire property portfolio management ecosystem and a single source of truth, tracking over 800 projects.

Mitchell calls Quickbase “an indispensable part of how our property teams and key stakeholders across the business access our portfolio data and capital projects...the platform has proved its value time and time again managing our property assets and data.”

Addressing unmet tech needs for real estate management

Quickbase offers a powerful solution to help businesses manage their most complex real estate projects. Highlights include:

  • Custom solutions for every real estate project: No two real estate projects are alike, and each phase of the lifecycle – from planning and development, through sunsetting and relocation – has unique needs. Using Quickbase’s no-code platform, teams can build and customize tools, without investing in a new technology for each individual project.

  • Key features for visibility across projects: Personalized dashboards and reports, granular multi-stakeholder permissions, mobile capabilities and more mean stakeholders never miss a beat – every team member can access the information they need, right when they need it.

  • Connect your tech: Drag-and-drop integrations across systems you already use support file management (Box, Dropbox, etc.), communication (Google Workspace, Office 365, etc.), contract management (Docusign) and more, as well as key connections to relevant platforms for those involved in building and property management, like Procore and Autodesk.

  • Experience that counts: Expertise in building real estate solutions for leading retail banks, groceries, restaurants chains and more, paired with 20+ years experience in no code makes Quickbase a powerful partner to help manage our customers’ project portfolios.

For more information about the solutions Quickbase offers, visit quickbase.com/solutions/real-estate-portfolio-software.