Quickbase Delivers AI Capabilities to Increase Productivity – For Everyone

Business users, regardless of technical skill level, can build applications quickly and easily that solve problems and deliver insight, all within the Quickbase platform

Oct. 4, 2023 – BOSTON, MA. Quickbase, the dynamic work management platform, today announced Quickbase AI. The new suite of AI-powered capabilities, embedded into the Quickbase platform, gives business users – regardless of technical ability – the power to build applications quickly and easily that connect data and uncover insights that drive down costs and accelerate revenue growth. These AI capabilities are now available on a limited basis across the Quickbase platform, both for existing and prospective customers; already, over 1,000 applications have been built using Quickbase AI.

“Introducing AI into our platform levels the playing field, empowering everyone in the business to solve problems at the scale and speed of their business,” said Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase. “The average worker is looking for solutions that help them get work done, faster. We put AI into the hands of the people who can benefit most from it so that workers can use it to get work done. Unlike other solutions, Quickbase AI lets users, regardless of technical skill, quickly and easily build applications and solutions to solve their most complex workflow challenges – in minutes, all in one easy-to-use and sophisticated platform that is light years ahead of anything else available today. It’s a game-changer for business users and enterprises alike looking to eliminate the wasted time and resources that slow down work and delay projects and profitability.”

Gray Work, the lost time the average employee spends searching for information, dilutes productivity and impacts collaboration and timely decision-making. For enterprises, all this wasted time and siloed information has a profound effect on overall costs. The full suite of Quickbase AI delivers capabilities to get at this Gray Work challenge, removing obstacles to get work done, understanding data and adjusting project and revenue goals, so that you can run your business. In accelerating the adoption of a no-code tool and the onboarding to enable full use of a dynamic work management platform, Quickbase AI also helps enterprises advance their journey to modernize their technology stack with AI-powered capabilities that drive growth.

Chief among the new capabilities in Quickbase AI is Smart Builder, a generative AI app builder that lets users, regardless of technical experience, quickly, easily, and safely build fully functional applications in minutes for their specific use case. Using user-defined descriptions (leveraging natural language processing) of those business problems (project delays, supply chain breakdowns, etc.), Smart Builder helps business users eliminate the current gray work slowing down their projects.

In addition, Quickbase AI includes:

  • Data Analyzer: A virtual “data scientist in a box” that helps identify and predict key outcomes by identifying unseen patterns across data, regardless of where that data is stored (hybrid, relational or graph databases), creating an integrated and simplified data user experience to discover opportunities (or threats) impacting optimal business performance and outcomes.
  • Data Scanner: Enables proactive data governance and protection using machine learning, scanning for patterns and outputs across silos and applications for easier and faster classification, removal and/or protection, ideal for managing large data sets across disparate systems and applications.

With Quickbase AI, business users can drive productivity continuously across every project, reducing the manual processes that drive up cost and complexity and uncovering trends and patterns in their data that fuel smarter decision-making and resource allocation – from active inventory and materials management to product/service demand forecasting and predicting maintenance/replacement needs on equipment – that are indicators of potential delays. All with the confidence that their data is secure and not shared anywhere outside of the Quickbase platform.

Available now for trial, interested customers and others can apply to try the new Quickbase AI capabilities at www.quickbase.com/AI.

About Quickbase 

Quickbase is the first application platform built for dynamic work, empowering more than 6,000 global organizations to bring together people, processes, and data into one centralized location. The Quickbase platform enhances productivity and reduces gray work, the time lost when searching for data and information, by connecting everything through a single source of truth. With automated workflows and granular permissions, the right people will have access to the right information, mitigating risk, reducing waste, and trimming unexpected costs. Named one of Inc.’s Best Businesses of 2022, Quickbase was founded in 1999 and is based in Boston (Mass.). For more information, visit www.quickbase.com. Quickbase – All together now.


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