Quickbase Bolsters its Enterprise Solution to Help Organizations Deal with Mounting Collaborative Complexity

New enterprise capabilities allow users to overcome typical obstacles to broad no-code adoption in large portfolios, including application speed, complex integration needs and security in the cloud.

BOSTON – October 12, 2022 Quickbase, the no-code platform for complex projects, today announced significant updates to its enterprise solution, designed to help portfolio managers and IT leaders get visibility and control across every element of their complex program mix.

In recent years, businesses have seen the complexity in their portfolios balloon – while the labor market shrinks. As a result, the demand to handle more programs, more people and more systems with no-code work platforms like Quickbase has grown substantially. Yet, with that complexity and scale come increased concerns around performance and security.

Quickbase has been working to fix that, according to CEO Ed Jennings.

“Our goal at Quickbase is to eliminate all the disconnected, manual workflows that drag down delivery of complex projects. To do that, we’re investing in building confidence and clarity for everyone – from portfolio leaders to IT to executives,” said Jennings. “This new release is a big step forward for our industry, ensuring our customers can confidently tackle expansive workflows across the diverse systems they rely on, without worrying about performance or data security.”

Quickbase powers application development and workflow management across 80% of the Fortune 500 companies today, such as Procter & Gamble and AT&T. Quickbase’s enterprise solution empowers business teams to see critical information, connect disparate data and automate workflows, while enabling IT to control the entire process with the right security and governance in mind.

With this new launch, Quickbase is further boosting its capabilities to help enterprises manage complex projects across the organization by building more performant, scalable and secure applications through:

  • Predictive performance insights and optimization capabilities that intuitively scan, monitor and automate optimizations across customer apps. This surfaces deeper insights and recommendations on potential improvements, allowing customers to fine tune app performance, drive more collaboration between teams and scale usage across the organization.

  • A host of new integrations and connectivity updates, including Amazon S3, Procore, ServiceNow and on-premise data integrations. These drag-and-drop integrations enable teams to combine data, automate workflows and unlock greater insights to make better data-driven decisions.

  • Enhanced security in the cloud with advanced data encryption in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure KMS. This allows IT teams to centralize security management and consistently apply policies and standards for data and control, enabling business teams to safely scale usage across the organization.

"We are continuously listening to our customers, and as users continue to build more apps, and scale them from departments to organization-wide use, we see an even greater need for enhanced performance and governance.” said Debbi Roberts, senior vice president of product management. “With these new features, we’re focused on how we can continue to build and evolve our enterprise solution around the growing needs of both mature and new customers looking to scale faster.”