Quickbase Unveils Future Product Vision at EMPOWER2017 Conference

New innovations focus on unleashing better ways to work while maintaining governance and simplicity

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 23, 2017Quickbase (formerly Quickbase), the platform for app-enabled business, today unveiled its new product vision to help organizations create a culture of problem solving where all employees are empowered to securely and efficiently build apps to improve their daily work. The company shared its roadmap with more than 700 attendees at its EMPOWER2017 user conference. The initial offerings will focus on helping organizations drive ease of use and productivity for the business user and governance for IT leaders.

“The pace of change is accelerating and the need for highly customizable technology solutions is rapidly increasing. While other vendors focus on the needs of IT professionals, Quickbase helps all employees in the organization create their own solutions to the everyday challenges they face,” said Rick Willett, CEO Quickbase. “With Quickbase as the proven IT-trusted foundation, organizations can confidently scale app deployments and become more agile. As a result, our average business customers are seeing materially improved revenue growth and efficiency by enabling those closest to the work to quickly and continuously improve their operations.”

Quickbase's roadmap is aligned to recognize organizations’ needs for strong governance — especially critical for larger companies — while simultaneously empowering employees, turning the app creation process from a technical experience to a democratic one.

To deepen its governance capabilities and simplify user management at scale, the company announced two upcoming features that help organizations manage large groups of users:

  • Centralized User Management Console to streamline the management of large Quickbase deployments. Administrators gain greater transparency into user information from a single interface to make it easier and quicker to govern app ecosystems.
  • Super User Administration to give IT leaders or administrators greater access, visibility and control, over all Quickbase apps and data across their organization.

The company also showcased new offerings for builders that provide a more simplified experience for non-technical employees to enhance productivity:

  • Quickbase Actions to enable builders of all skill levels to automate repetitive tasks, such as adding and editing records, with pre-built “actions” that create workflows between apps and systems without coding.
  • eLearning on Quickbase University to help app builders confidently create custom applications faster. The free training offering is available on demand and includes Orientation, Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced courses.

“Throughout my career, I’ve found people get caught up in their paradigm. They can't even fathom or imagine a better way,” said Peter Fearey, Chief Technology Officer, STAG Industrial. “What I find happens with Quickbase is you can not only imagine better ways to work but you can bring them to life. For many people, that's mind blowing. They go from an organization that is regimented and stuck in its ways to an organization that imagines possibilities and sees things it couldn't see before.”


Quickbase Actions and eLearning courses are available now to all users. The centralized user management console will be released in Q4 2017. Super user administration will be available in 1H 2018.