Quickbase Builds on its Leading Governance Capability with Sandbox, Enabling Safe Citizen Development Across the Enterprise

Sandbox capability enables cross-functional teams to quickly create and optimize business-critical applications without risking disruption.

BOSTON – April 1, 2020 - Quickbase, the leading cloud platform for continuous process innovation at enterprise scale, today introduced Quickbase Sandbox, a new way for business professionals to work with IT to safely innovate and test low-code applications that support unique business processes. Sandbox brings safe testing to business developers for the first time, providing a place to easily collaborate with IT when making changes to new and existing workflows, while giving IT departments stronger governance through tighter control over the development process.

“Now, more than ever, organizations in all industries need ways to modernize important processes with software in days and weeks, and they need safe, reliable methods to do that,” said Jay Jamison, chief product & technology officer, Quickbase. “With our new Sandbox capability, Quickbase is offering a no-compromises approach to governance, providing the speed and flexibility of citizen development at a scale that is critical in today’s environment, while giving IT teams the oversight they need.“

Sandbox enables safe testing and optimization of workflows by business users, commonly known as “citizen developers,” from anywhere in the organization – an especially critical functionality today as companies look to quickly modernize and connect their processes to keep up with fast-changing market conditions. While sandboxing is standard practice with traditional software development tools, it has been elusive until now in platforms that enable citizen development, where it is an important part of supporting business-critical applications.

Industry-wide, in the face of competing demands, professional developers are spread increasingly thin. With the need to modernize business processes and respond to a changing business environment, enterprise IT leaders are searching for citizen development solutions that not only put the power to solve problems in the hands of more people but also support stronger governance and minimize disruption. Sandbox fills the gap, giving Quickbase customers a safe way to continuously improve on business-critical applications, allowing quick testing of new ideas, and enables the important partnership between IT organizations and business users.

Sandbox is available as part of Quickbase’s broader governance capabilities to help IT better manage and control modern application development, which requires iterative updates in line with product-centric design principles. To learn more, visit the Quickbase blog.


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Quickbase is the trusted platform for continuous process innovation at enterprise scale. As the first cloud application development platform to support safe, secure and sustainable citizen development, Quickbase helps more than 6,000 customers, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 50, continuously perfect the processes that make their businesses unique. Quickbase is a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platform For Business Developers. Visit QuickBase.com to learn more.

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