Quickbase Brings Kanban Reports to its No-Code Development Platform

Company continues to simplify its process automation capabilities with better ways to visualize and organize work.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – August 22, 2018 – Quickbase, a leader in no-code application development platforms, today announced the release of Kanban reports, a new feature that combines the  simplicity  of highly intuitive drag-and-drop card views with the power of the Quickbase platform. Today’s news builds on Quickbase’s ability to empower business professionals to create solutions for managing a wide range of processes and projects across an organization.

“Many customers use Quickbase to manage projects and all kinds of ongoing day-to-day work in a collaborative manner across enterprise teams,” said Jay Jamison, SVP of strategy and product management at Quickbase. “We are dedicated to making Quickbase a stronger destination for automating processes that are underserved in organizations today and Kanban is the latest step in this evolution. It’s really the best of both worlds, combining dead-simple productivity with our powerful data management, workflow and reporting capabilities.”

Kanban allows teams to instantly organize, visualize, update and act on work in progress, helping them manage their processes and projects in an agile way. Kanban reports display work items as cards organized in customizable columns, which could represent status, phase, people or any other attribute important to your process, all while incorporating the power of Quickbase’s industry-leading platform. Users can kick off automated workflows by dragging cards between columns, drill down into rich detail behind each card, and ensure that the right people see and interact with the right information, whether they are on their laptop or their mobile device.

Quickbase Kanban reports picks up where other Kanban tools leave off, combining the simplicity of drag and drop cards with the power of the underlying applications built on its no-code platform, it enables organizations to gain a deep and actionable level of understanding of the status of all kinds of work, including tracking:

  • Project tasks through stages or priority
  • Opportunities through sales stages
  • Application features through development stages
  • Team members and their task assignments
  • Marketing assets through content creation stages
  • IT trouble tickets through resolution stages or priority
  • Candidates through recruiting stages

"With Quickbase, we manage large technology installation projects that involve internal project management teams, several hundred field technicians and thousands of transactions every month,” said Darla Nutter, senior solutions architect at Datatrend Technologies. “Kanban reports are helping us transform how we work by giving our project managers and customers actionable views into progress and by highlighting the most pressing tasks. This means less confusion and more action which results in improved resource utilization, lower project cost and greater customer satisfaction."

Kanban reports is the latest in a series of updates designed to create more automated workflows within Quickbase. These include Automations, a new capability that broadens the power of automation for the growing community of business developers, and a recent deeper partnership with Workato, a leading no-code integration platform. Quickbase was also recently named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Low-Code Platforms For Business Developers, Q4 2017.

Quickbase Kanban reports is available today and included in all subscription plans. For more information check out: