Quickbase Sets Roadmap for 2024 to Unlock Productivity

Software application platform extends AI capabilities, enhances user experience, and boosts mobile workflows – making it faster and easier for teams and organizations to get work done

BOSTON – March 12, 2024 –Quickbase, the software application platform for dynamic work management, today previewed its product roadmap for 2024, focused on AI-powered solutions and enhancements that help drive productivity, enabling employees and teams get work done, fast, staying on deadline, on budget, at the pace of their most critical projects and important deliverables.

Organizational needs are rapidly changing, as the work and what is needed to be successful is different than it was even just a few years ago. It is dynamic, non-structured, rapidly changing in scope and complexity, and can be quickly derailed by manual work and inefficient offline processes, known as Gray Work. This time-consuming, messy, and resource-draining work negatively impacts productivity, slows down projects, and frustrates employees – resulting in more than two-thirds of employees spending 15-20 hours per week chasing information across multiple systems.

Low-code/no-code tools empower organizations and employees to take control of their Gray Work problem by creating custom applications that make it easier to get work done, with no technical expertise required. In 2023, these tools were tested in pockets or by small teams for discrete projects; in 2024, they’ve become a strategic priority, accelerated by AI for maximum impact, solving the toughest and most complex challenges with simple commands and lightning speed for development and use across the entire business.

For organizations in construction, such as manufacturing, solar, and other complex, highly process-driven industries, Gray Work can be a project-stopper and revenue-killer, with disconnected systems and information silos slowing down projects and potentially putting employees at risk. The ability to use AI-powered application development tools and platforms can transform workflows and processes, connecting the physical world of people and materials to the digital world of data collected all over job sites and shop floors.

“It’s never been harder to get work done. Deadlines shift, projects get stalled, and resources are strained to the breaking point, and Gray Work lurks around every corner of your organization,” said Ed Jennings, CEO, Quickbase. “As the low code marketplace has become saturated by basic tools and solutions, new use cases have emerged, from large-scale project and resource management to safety and compliance, that call for a platform built to solve these complex challenges. Our platform is designed to deliver solutions tailor-made for our customers managing large-scale, dynamic, and complex projects, making it easy to see, connect, and control their projects.”

The Journey Towards a More Dynamic Way of Working

In 2023, Quickbase expanded its platform with the addition of new AI-powered capabilities and the acquisition of FastField, connecting field and business operations. These additions made it easier for everyday employees to create applications and connect data and information to run their business, helping customers realize a 315% return on their investment.

Now, in 2024, Quickbase is focused on expanding those AI capabilities and adding new innovations to make it easier and faster for users, teams, and organizations – anyone – to build powerful custom apps that help work get done.

Quickbase’s roadmap for 2024 will deliver capabilities in four target areas:

  • Faster, Easier Application Creation – Expanded AI-powered capabilities to help business and field teams create the applications and tools they need to run their business, quickly and easily, connecting disparate systems, automate end-to-end workflows and tasks, and create custom reports and dashboards, regardless of technical expertise.
  • Intuitive User Experience – Focused on making the platform easier to navigate, see and share data, with enhancements across core functions and a cleaner more intuitive look and feel for a more engaging user experience.
  • Mobile Workflows – Supporting and connecting a dynamic workforce, whether employees are in the field or the office, with capabilities to ensure information is consistent, up-to-date, and available in real time.
  • Scalable Governance – Enabling greater visibility and management over an organization’s Quickbase platform, with controls that ensure governance at scale.

“Our Quickbase platform is all about helping our customers be more productive,” said Debbi Roberts, senior vice president, Product at Quickbase. “Working with our customers every day, we see opportunities to innovate, improve, and expand our platform, making it easier and more intuitive for their needs. All the while making sure that we build integrations for existing technology investments and maintain a laser focus on security, compliance, and governance. That is our north star, the foundation to executing our product vision and strategy, delivering customer-forward solutions that exceed expectations.”

For more on Quickbase’s platform for Dynamic Work Management and solutions for boosting productivity and increasing efficiency, visit www.quickbase.com/solutions.

About Quickbase

Quickbase is the first application platform built for Dynamic Work Management, empowering more than 12,000 global organizations to bring together people, processes, and data into one centralized location. The Quickbase platform enhances productivity and reduces Gray Work, the time lost when searching for data and information, by connecting everything through a single source of truth. With automated workflows and granular permissions, the right people will have access to the right information, mitigating risk, reducing waste, and trimming unexpected costs. Named one of Inc.’s Best Businesses of 2022, Quickbase was founded in 1999 and is based in Boston (MA). For more information, visit www.quickbase.com. Quickbase – All together now.

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