Quickbase Expands Capabilities to Connect, Collaborate and Get Work Done

Cleaner user experience, enhanced AI and mobile capabilities, and out-of-the-box governance controls help everyone deliver impact, today

BOSTON, MA – May 1, 2024 – Quickbase, the software application platform for dynamic work management, today announced a host of new capabilities designed to make it easier and faster to get work done the way you need to, for your business and employees. Drawing on 20+ years' experience in helping customers of all sizes in all industries build solutions that solve problems and deliver meaningful impacts using easy-to-use, uncomplicated, and powerful capabilities.

In the new dynamic way of working, organizations must stay nimble, adaptable, and responsive to the non-structured, multi-stakeholder, and highly collaborative way we all work today. This is especially true for operationally driven, complex industries like construction, manufacturing, and others that operate in a world where physical work and digital solutions must coexist to drive projects. These industries have been underserved by technology for decades or have been slower to adopt new tech solutions.

Using AI, an improved user experience, easier access to mobile forms to capture data and information, and enhanced governance controls, Quickbase is delivering on its vision to connect data, workflows, teams, and projects together to get custom solutions up and running with minimal clicks for the way people and organizations need and want to work, at the speed and scale of their projects, customers, and competition.

“Most technology solutions are rooted in old ways of working that don’t fit today’s world of dynamic work,” said Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase. “Work has changed, and with it the expectations for the tools and technology used to get work done. Speed, scale and customization are priorities, with a depth of vertical specialization and ability to connect to your core systems, all at significantly lower levels of investment. This is the foundation of our platform, focused on easy to use, expert-built solutions with just a few clicks, fully customized to the way you want to work.”

Highlights of these new capabilities include:

  • AI Integration for Faster Building of Solutions, Reports & Integrations - Since the addition of AI-powered capabilities to the Quickbase platform in October 2023, more than 4,500 unique business apps have been built by 2,800 beta users for a variety of use cases, from project management to logistics and invoice management, even solar panel installations. Now, with AI fully-integrated into its platform, users can build fully functional solutions, reports, workflows, and integration in just a few clicks, simply by telling Quickbase’s AI Smart Builder what problem they are trying to solve – no technical expertise required.

    “I was impressed that AI Smart Builder was able to throw together the solution so quickly,” said Chandler Buck, Programmer Analyst II for the County of Pitt (North Carolina). “All of the tables were accurate, and the names of the tables and the columns were exactly like I specified. And then it threw together the default dashboard, and I did not really have to do a lot of the manual setup on my end. And then I was able to set up the users and have that application out for testing within a day or two max.”
  • A Whole New Quickbase User Experience - a fresher and faster way to get work done, from creating to managing to iterating and sharing solutions, reducing the amount of clicking and scrolling Gray Work that could slow them down. Users now have a cleaner global menu and redesigned dashboards, putting every action at their fingertips, with enhanced collaboration and communication controls to share and track information; a powerful library of solution-specific applications and formulas, components, and integrations; and quick actions to surface actionable intelligence across the platform.
  • Unified Mobile Experience – Since the acquisition of FastField in June 2023, Quickbase has continued to add new capabilities and streamline the creation of forms and capturing of information on job sites, shop floors and other environments where that data is critical to enhancing productivity, compliance, and safety. Now, by adding in-app form building and faster access to FastField in the Quickbase global menu, new and existing users alike can take advantage of FastField to easily build new forms using existing tables and workflows; manage their account and workflows; and access and share critical information throughout their teams and organizations.
  • Governance that Supports Customization, Speed and Scale – Quickbase enables organizations to enhance their approach to governance by delivering the speed and flexibility of a typical point solution with platform-level controls with the assurance that solutions stay aligned with business needs and IT policies related to compliance, privacy, and control. This new set of solution application programming interfaces (APIs) supports the continuous improvement and deployment of business-critical solution, giving IT and business leaders confidence that existing application lifecycle management (ALM) requirements are in place across the entire lifecycle of their apps.

“Our customers have told us again and again that the most important thing any solution should do for them is to help them get work done, faster,” said Debbi Roberts, senior vice president, Product at Quickbase. “We’ve taken that to heart, building our platform with a vision that everyone should be able to do their work in the way that fits them best, creating workflows that reflect exactly how they want to get work done. Our new capabilities realize that promise of powerful, easy to use, intuitive, and customizable solutions to enable everyone to make a quick and lasting impact to their business.”

For more on these new capabilities and enhancements, visit www.quickbase.com.

About Quickbase

Quickbase is the first application platform built for Dynamic Work Management, empowering nearly 12,000 global organizations to bring together people, processes, and data into one centralized location. The Quickbase platform enhances productivity and reduces Gray Work, the time lost when searching for data and information, by connecting everything through a single source of truth. With automated workflows and granular permissions, the right people will have access to the right information, mitigating risk, reducing waste, and trimming unexpected costs. Quickbase was founded in 1999 and is based in Boston (MA). For more information, visit www.quickbase.com. Quickbase – All together now.

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