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Track projects and tasks with this easy-to-use project management software, which is feature-filled and robust enough to handle the challenges of any business project. While being a simple project management tool that can be used by all of your team members, it's also able to be fully customized and updated using the QuickBase platform. Eliminate a mountain of spreadsheets saved on many different hard drives at once by making sure everyone is on the same page with QuickBase's best simple project management software solution. For better task management and quick implementation, this simple project management tool is great at getting the job done. What if you need to track more than just projects and tasks? Then, you can try any of our other options for a different solution. Take your time in finding the best simple project management software for your team by browsing our hundreds of ready-made apps or contacting a specialist at QuickBase. Getting started with this program is easy. Project management tool functions in this version can be boiled down to tracking tasks and projects. This is done by pulling all of your team's information into one consolidated database that lives in the cloud, which can be updated in real time. Then, managers can track changes to tasks and projects with the dynamic drag-and-drop report builder. Design your own dashboards so you can gain key insights into the statuses of numerous projects with charts, timelines, forms, and unique fields. This easy-to-use project management software is a great starting-off point for those who hope to become familiar with QuickBase and its app-creation platform. For those hoping to implement a user-friendly app that won't overwhelm new team members getting used to this online space, this tool has the best capabilities one would need. Download this application now if you want to see how consolidated, robust, and simple online project management can revolutionize the way your team works with each other. Provide a custom online tool that encourages a collaborative, proactive workspace now.


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Great app for Project Tracking

By Dinesh V. 27 weeks ago

I've used this app to start designing the project tracker for our team. It really so much time creating from scratch by providing most of the commonly used functionalities for project tracking

Still learning but looks to have all the elenenst we need and then some.

By Clint 45 weeks ago

Good product if I can ever learn how to some simple things first. May need a m Little with holding of hands. I'm almost 80 and things come slowely now. What I need now is setting up a basic gant chart &how to add line items lr takeway items.


By charity 47 weeks ago

Great app! I highly recommend it. It simplifies program management.

Very Good solution for any business

By Ranmal 51 weeks ago

It is easiest way to start and set up basic or advance application for any business.

Database Management Information System Software

By Princegreat a year ago

Ps you can do your review to capture CSDP project data capture and tracking.Even those offine.

Simple Project Manager Review

By Thunder a year ago

It is a simple solid foundation for building various tables for tracking projects and actions. You just have to delete all of the preloaded examples and modify to your needs.

Good app

By Alvaro a year ago

Very usefull app. It has the functions that you need.

Simple Project Manager

By NCR Alan a year ago

I downloaded and started using this app right away. The examples already in the tables allowed me to quickly understand how the app worked and I was able to enter my own data and redesign the fields for my personal application. I left the sample data in the app at first and then moved those records over to a "Sample" table later on so I could refer back to any features I might have missed in the first few times using the app. I am very pleased with the ease of use of this app and would recommend it to others.

Project Management Tool

By dcskipjack a year ago

Great tool for managing project and the resources needed to complete project

Simple Project Manager

By MWallace a year ago

Very Good -- right ammount of functionallity for the requirements of my simple projects

Clean & Simple

By Elise a year ago

This is a good place to start for simple project management. The sample data gives a good idea of what the provided structure is capable of. You can also use that as a template of sorts for setting up your own projects. We downloaded with the intention of using this for in the field project tracking on mobile devices.

By Joe E a year ago

I love the simplicity of this program, and the capability to create new projects with out the hardship.

By JKessinger a year ago

I liked it, support was great. We will evaluate prod fully.

Quick and easy

By ClaireB a year ago

Simple to get a first look at what a project management app can ben

Lots to Work With - A little overwhelming

By Young Business Owner a year ago

While there seems to be a ton that we can do with this program, it was really overwhelming to try and see which apps we wanted to include, and the gallery of apps to choose from is really difficult to navigate and make comparative decisions on which apps are right for us. We ultimately were stuck with indecision paralysis and decided on another program even though it cost a bit more.

Wrong fit

By Matty62 a year ago

I had a specific need to link to external data, which QuickBase will not do, so my opinion remains very neutral on the product.

Quick Review

By Shyp Trial User a year ago

This review based on a very quick trial for a customer. This app provided the core capabilities that we were looking for - Project, task and resource set up, along with analysis and charting. It is fairly easy to set up and run and performed according to expectations

Difficult to use.

By Cari a year ago

HATE the program. After wasting over two hours figuring out how to set-up/operate it, I decided it wasn't worth the time. I researched and found Smart Sheet. I started working with it five minutes into the intro. I have purchased Smart Sheet for it's ease of use, easily accessible tutorials and great templates that WORK.

User friendly data base

By Billy a year ago

we have been looking for a cloud base db to manage our projects in various parts of the world. this application is really easy to set up and use.

Simple Project Manager

By Christy a year ago

Simple Project Manager is really simple and easy to set up- great with Send to QB

test document

By SWA TH 2 years ago

Quickbase is very easy to move around in. Haven't explored everything yet. Been learning the different capabilities and what all this program can do.

It's okay.

By Bill Hewitt 2 years ago

It's pretty good for a product where one is limited to what the interface allows. It would be a problem for a serious application where a programming language would be needed. If you're looking for a simple off-the-shelf app to which you can make minor changes, you will probably be happy.

nice app

By Bruce123 2 years ago

Great starting point to customize for your own needs. Seems to have captured most of the basics of PM without overkill.

Outstanding Sales Service

By Brian 2 years ago

I wanted to test the functionality of the database and sent over a spreadsheet with hundreds of data points. The salesperson (Brooke) had a fully functional data management system setup within 73 minutes from sending her an email request. BTW, she didn't know I was sending the email ahead of time. Her responsiveness and the ease of using this product sold me.

By Jeff 2 years ago

Solid project management App. Simple and easy to customize

not what i needed

By Tugboat blue 2 years ago

I was looking for a way to sketch out a Gantt format schedule. This wanted me to input specific tidbits that would of taken 3 minutes plus for each input. Instead went with excel, flipped the top line so the words ran sideways and BOOM, solved. Seems like a decent app but not for me.

Simple Project Manager App review

By spyretos 2 years ago

I think the app was a very good example to see how an app and it's tables can be structured.

Basic Project Mangement

By jack92026 2 years ago

I believe the application was helpful in giving me a leg-up on building a project management application. It is basic, so users need to modify it a lot, but that is what a template is for.

Great Template for Any User

By georges 2 years ago

This is a fantastic template for any user to jump into QuickBase. It's customizable so you can adjust for any set of data. Highly recommended.

Very Simple Project Manager

By Bruce 2 years ago

I loved the application. It was easy to maneuver around in and provided alot more functionality that I expected. From the dashboard to the Gantt chart, I got what I needed and more.

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