Training management software and solutions.

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Manage all training initiatives centrally.

Organize all information that your training team needs — compliance, certifications, qualifications, and licensing — in a central repository. When you have multiple sources, like data in other apps, you can pull them into your QuickBase employee training software and sync data automatically with just a few clicks. Ensure that everyone, whether they are employees, instructors, administrators, partners, or contractors, can access and share information from one place in the cloud.

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A custom training management system that fits.

QuickBase goes beyond a one-size-fits-all Web-based training software suite; it's a customizable solution that allows you to develop your own applications with no coding required. Configure and build a training management process that addresses the needs of your team. Set the guidelines for who needs to be trained, what types of training they need, and the schedule for training completion. Calendars, forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other building blocks can be configured to match your organization's exact needs.

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Drive progress with automation.

Automate the workflows of your teachers, trainers, and team members, and regulate repetitive tasks with smart forms that trigger updates and actions. Set up alerts and reminders for incomplete or overdue training modules, pending deadlines, tasks, and milestones. Gain peace of mind knowing that your tasks are automated and won't be falling through the cracks. With simple Web-based training software, you can ensure that everyone is getting trained properly, whether you're running a small business or huge corporation.

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Monitor training progress and achievements.

Powerful reporting enables you to escape the spreadsheet drudgery and gain complete visibility into how effective your training tools are. You can create a drag-and-drop dashboard that will give you the specific insights you're looking for, whether you are an HR representative, onboarding professional, or training manager. Software that allows you to see, in detail, whether a specific training class, course, or test is working allows instructors and managers to create effective training programs. Share just the right information with your stakeholders — your team, executives, employees, instructors, and more. Buy better employee training software to adapt and improve your programs and the overall productivity and safety of your company.

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