• Race to the Top: Traits that Propel and Derail Senior Leaders

    DDI’s new global leadership study of 15,000 executives in 18 countries explores the DNA of leadership and can help you predict leader success in your own organization.

  • Do You Have a Time Wasting Personality?

    Improve your productivity by getting rid of these tendencies.

  • How to Deal With the Narcissist at Work

    The term “narcissism” is often misused, but if you’ve got a bona fide narcissist at work you may

  • Tips for Dealing With a Passive Aggressive Personality at Work

    If you’re being driven nuts by someone at work who sulks, procrastinates and writes you snarky emails, it

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  • How to Collaborate with Four Diverse Personality Styles

    In my very unscientific observation, I estimate that about half of the people we work with are amiable,

  • Building a Team Using Myers-Briggs

    You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator even if you haven’t taken it yourself already.  According to

  • Stress is a Choice

    You are nervous, anxious, uneasy, wired, frazzled, and possibly even scared. How can it be that this is

  • Being Spider Man: How Introverts Can Excel at Extroverted Roles

    Sherrie Haynie, a consultant with CPP, Inc., the publisher of the Myers-Briggs assessment, had this to say regarding

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  • Get Ahead by Knowing What Motivates Others

    What is motivation and how are we motivated? As a basic definition, motivation is what drives us to

  • How to Be More Effective: Tips for Extroverts

    Despite popular beliefs, extroversion can sometimes get in the way of social graces because extraverts tend to think out loud, sharing information faster than they are able to censor.