Free Webinar: Managing Change and Unlocking Your Growth Potential

Free Webinar: Managing Change and Unlocking Your Growth Potential

Leading Your Change Projects from Vision to Strategy While Staying Focused on End Results

You’re in the hot seat every day. As a leader, whether you’re a project manager, team lead or business owner, you’re tasked with taking dreams and turning them into reality – to turn ideas into plans, goals into results. Your business and team is growing, fast. How do you continue to empower your team?  Where do you start?  What’s your thinking process for how you go about managing today’s change project?  What’s the balance between people development and systems design?

It’s about leaving nothing to chance. It starts by getting everyone truly on board, getting clear on whose accountable for what, and getting clear data and information back to you every step of the way. Having the ability to effectively delegate tasks and assignments and regulate their progress is a skill that leads to having the kind of working relationships you probably have only dreamed of.

Join Jonathan Raymond from EMyth (Edit: Now OnDemand) for this free and informative online event from the people who brought you the #5 best selling business book of all time, “The EMyth Revisited.”

Key takeaways you can put into action include:

  • Learn EMyth’s 9 step framework to help you lead your projects and grow your business more effectively.
  • Lead your team through your change project with increased agility, clarity and reduce the risk of burnout.
  • Discover how to plan and manage projects while staying true to your core values and purpose.
  • Take the next step as a leader in the art of balancing people, process and systems in real-time.

About EMyth

EMyth is the global leader in transformational business coaching. We’ve inspired more than seven million business owners through our best-selling book, and we’ve coached more than 70,000 owners to become better leaders, systematize their business and simultaneously find ownership and meaning in their work. Grounded in 35 years of hands-on client experience, EMyth helps small and midsize businesses grow through a comprehensive business coaching curriculum available through a cloud-based platform and personal, hands-on guidance with a certified coach.

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