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The #1 Low-Code Platform for Safe, Secure, Sustainable Application Development

Achieve higher levels of productivity.

Speed up the creation, integration and continuous improvement of an ecosystem of applications
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Gain greater insight into your performance.

Give anyone real-time visibility into unique processes
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Safe, Secure, Sustainable

Simplify governance and change management to reduce IT burdens and risks

Freedom to Create, Flexibility to Adapt

Create and customize applications with Quickbase’s drag-and-drop Visual Builder. Automate even your most complex processes with the click of a mouse, effortlessly create different solutions, and visualize how your applications will work. Try as many different configurations as you want. Quickbase makes it easy to find the best solution for your business needs.

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Upload Your Data and Build Web Apps Without Coding

Reduce your backlog by easily and quickly creating a dynamic CRM database either by uploading a spreadsheet or copying and pasting data from your clipboard. Once your data is loaded in, you can visually, intuitively, and securely build an app without any coding.

Innovation, anytime, anywhere.

Consumers and clients love using mobile apps, with as many as 91% of top brands providing mobile applications. Having an elegant, usable app is important for the vast majority of businesses, with many turning to expensive agencies or requiring in-house programmers for getting a valid solution. Our app creation software empowers you and your team to easily create a better mobile application. Quickbase brings the power of hundreds of pre-made business apps. Customize them to meet your exact needs.

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Lighthouse Electric uses Quickbase

Lighthouse Electric Simplifies and Standardizes Its System to Bridge Gaps Between the Office and Job Site

I think the epiphany comes where, in three clicks, you can understand the entire health of an organization and job.
Robert SalajDirector of Operational Excellence

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