Focused Improvement

Total cost reduction requires focused improvement, every day

Reduce manufacturing costs and increase throughput with focused improvement solutions built by teams closest to the work.

Is your data accessible to the teams that need it?

For many auto OEMs, the mechanism to collect, track, and manage data, workflows, and decisions remain stagnant. Resulting in slow, manual pen and paper processes or in-house built solutions to resolve issues or enact change.

Citizen development

Modernization in cloud technology, like citizen development, has liberated data from corporate systems. Enabling focused improvement initiatives to be deployed real-time.

How? Citizen development platforms, endorsed by IT, get data in the hands of teams that know what to do with the data. Empowering each person to build solutions, workflows, reports or dashboards that solve front-line business problems without specialized technology or coding experience.

Car manufacturing plant

Putting data to work means plants can do more with less (time & resources)

As expectations for cost reduction increase and vehicle launch timelines decrease, manufacturing plants demand agile platforms that empower every employee to quickly solve problems. With the Quick Base platform, teams across each plant can build solutions without waiting in an IT backlog, to:

• Drive cost savings from purchasing efficiencies
• Protect program timing with key milestones tracking centralized siloed data for real-time initiative reporting
• Pareto out work to highlight highest impact activities

Start with the pen & paper processes that slow down production and impact throughput

Principal Manufacturing Solutions Consultant, Peter Rifken, reviews value process mapping as a high-value, detailed approach to exposing and removing waste in an organization.

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Quickbase Complete Project Manager App Mobile

From spreadsheet to mobile application in 10 minutes

Peter Rifken walks through the step-by-step process to turn a static spreadsheet into a mobile, work order tracking solution on the Quick Base platform, no coding required.

Partnering with Quickbase

Fully customized

Customizable for needs and culture of each plant

 Enabling custom workflows based on each plant’s unique ways of working.

Self managed and self implemented software

Empower employees closest to the work to build the tools they need to connect programs, centralize siloed data, and increase real-time communication and transparency .


Workflows customized to your exact processes , and designed to make incremental improvements in hours or days, without the time of specialized IT teams.

Focused improvement

Break down silos and foster a culture of continuous improvement by connecting processes, data and teams across the entire organization – from the board room to the production floor.

Total cost of ownership

Solve countless challenges on a single platform, consolidate multiple tools and data sources into one source of truth, and extend use of legacy systems to maximize investment, without added maintenance costs.