Rapid prototyping tools for business apps

Rapidly build web apps and make changes without any downtime.

Make live production app changes.

Achieve the ultimate for continuous deployment: roll out changes in real-time with no downtime for updated applications. With our software prototyping tools, you can tweak a business app, transform data, and change schema without having to take an application offline. This frees up time for more mission critical web apps that require more intensive lifecycle management activities.

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Multiple concurrent app builder support.

Improve the efficiency of your organization's development of complex apps by enabling your team to concurrently develop an application. With Quickbase's software prototyping tools, teams of builders can co-author and work on different functional areas of a app simultaneously.

Build a Custom App

App cloning.

Clone the structure of a business app that works well and apply it to new situations. Choose if you want to copy the data contained in the original application or just the structure or schema. App cloning saves time and allows you to innovate and experiment with no potential repercussions.

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Relationship diagram tool.

Enable your team to better understand software prototyping and the processes that underlie an application's architecture. With our relationship diagram tool, it's easy to visualize the structure of a business app, making it easier to iterate and optimize data architecture. Viewers of relationship diagrams can click and drag a table in the diagram to move it to a different part of the page, as well as save the arrangement of their diagram for later viewing. App builders and admins can also click tables and relationship lines in the diagrams to view more information.

Automation and Workflows

Developer sandbox.

Make multiple application changes in a safe environment before rolling them out into production in one bigger update — all while users continue to add data to your live business apps. You can make multiple distinct changes to an application in the developer sandbox including: adding or modifying tables, fields, or relationships; adding or changing reports, forms, and email notifications; and more.

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