Get the perfect plan for your business.

$ 15 /user/mo
Starts at 10 users
Up to 10 customizable business apps, with:
  • Pre-defined roles

  • Single home pages

  • Unlimited reporting

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$ 40 /user/mo
Starts at 40 users
Up to 100 customizable business apps, with:
  • All Premier features

  • Corporate directory integration

  • Developer sandbox

  • API for integrations at scale

  • Custom branding

  • SLA product support

  • IP filtering

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Plan & Feature Comparison







Ready-to-Use Apps See less
Access to apps in QuickBase Exchange
Customization See less
Custom fields & forms
1 form per table
Customizable app home pages
1 per app
Unlimited reports
Instant mobile apps
Access to rich text & code pages
Create custom help for your apps
Custom branding
Developer sandbox
Workflow Automation See less
Notifications, reminders, and report
Dynamic form rules
Roles & Permissions See less
Pre-defined administrator & participant roles
Unlimited customizable roles
Role-based app home pages
Option to open apps to everyone on the Internet
Test as another role or user
Security & Compliance See less
Access via HTTPS, login required
Two-step authentication
Corporate directory integration (via LDAP or SAML)
Custom password policies
Advanced user management
Control user access with IP filtering
Integration Features See less
Import data from spreadsheet or text file
Access to QuickBase Sync
Access to QuickBase API
Access to Webhooks
Access to QuickBase add-ons
Link QuickBase apps with cross-app relationships
Support See less
Knowledgebase & community support
Case-based support
Support SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

Does customer support come with Essential?

In addition to our community and online help, we offer all our new customers access to our unlimited case-based support for the first 90 days. If you choose the Essential Plan you can add case support to your account for $5/user at any time. You’ll never be without the support you need to build or improve one of your QuickBase apps.

What if I don’t have support? Can I still get help if I need it?

Absolutely, we’re here to help. Never hesitate to reach out to our Support team if you are have trouble and need some personal attention. You can add support to your Essential Plan at any point or Upgrade to a plan that includes it.

Is the pricing $/month or $/user?

It’s both. Pricing is per user per month. There is also a minimum number of users for each plan. For example, the Essential Plan starts at 10 users at $15 each, totaling $150/month, and the Premium Plan starts at 20 users at $25 each, totaling $500/month. If you have 20 users on an Essential Plan at $15 each, it will total $300/month.

I want to store some documents. How much room do I get?

Each plan type comes with different quantities of storage space for your presentations, contracts, documents, drawings, photos, recordings or whatever assets are important to your workflow. When choosing a plan, your QuickBase representative will provide more details and discuss options.

How many users can I buy on each plan? Is there a limit?

Add your whole team or your whole organization. If the plan fits your needs, buy as many users as you need. QuickBase can handle 100s - actually 1000s - of apps across your organization.

What if I only want one of the features that comes with Premier?

Our plans are designed to support the way teams work together. If you want one of the features in a plan, we bet you’re going to love the rest of them as well.

Can I have some users on one plan and others on another?

No. All your users need to be on the same plan.

Speak with a sales associate.