Magic Buttons - Having fun with formula URLs

Author: Kirk Trachy
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This app has 50 examples of how one might use formula url fields to promote workflow within an app. Check out a project record and view the 50 formula url fields and assorted ways you can use color and graphics in your QuickBase. Right-click over one and edit the field properties to see how they work. Have fun! ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is a great "How To" app that shows you how to add graphics and therefore unique energy to one of your own apps. Ample instructions are included making it easy to copy and use these graphics on your own.


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Magic Buttons

By a year ago

The examples were very useful and I have incorporated some of the examples into my application. Very nicely done

magic buttone

By a year ago

Great - love it - helps me keep on learnin' - please continue to update

Magic Buttons -

By a year ago

Used these examples to add API buttons to a homepage report. Totally helpful to make my Users' experience that much smoother!

Cant get any better

By a year ago

Opened up a new world of UX and customization... Phil you are the best....

Thanks for Magic Buttons!

By a year ago

Great app with examples to improve on the UI. I was able to implement several of the ideas right away. Thanks.

By a year ago

This app is very helpful and useful specially if you're looking for some more enhancements in your database.

Magic Buttons - Having fun with formulas

By a year ago

Thank you so much for this! I'm slowly teaching myself API formulas using this app from the QB Exchange, and you're making me look good!

Phenominal Webinar

By a year ago

This webinar did an exceptional job answering my questions surrounding creation of customized buttons. I'd been looking for a method to create custom buttons with functionality in my apps and this webinar pointed me in the right direction. Thanks!

Very Helpful

By a year ago

It's a very helpful app if your developing your own app.


By a year ago

Very good app to get practice with buttons and much more.

By a year ago

Great app, examples are well illustrated and are very useful, as they represent common situations.

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