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Do you want a solution that will allow you to see at a glance how your sales team is performing? The Complete Sales Manager App from QuickBase allows you to view the entire sales funnel from top to bottom and see the activities of each one of your sales representatives. Get the big picture while still being able to zero in on specific contact information, phone activities, documentation, locations, and more. Also, pull your most important potential lead sources and campaign information so that you can more actively find new potential connections. This is one of QuickBase's customizable templates and it is one of the most comprehensive solutions for a sales manager. It gives managers all of the information they need to inspire, influence, direct, and help their team members. With one sales app, you can see everything from contact data to company information to new opportunities to representative activities to campaign data. Accurately see how often a B2B lead has been contacted, and keep all of your documents in one place. Note that you can sync other apps with QuickBase so that you can keep all of your information consolidated. As a mobile CRM app, this system offers a cloud-based database that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Team members can update information on the go as long as they have smartphones or tablets, making it the perfect app for sales teams that need to travel to multiple locations. This complete sales app creates a dynamic, collaborative online workspace, allowing representatives to be open and transparent with each other at every stage of the sales pipeline. Implement QuickBase's Sales Manager App if you want to increase clarity and collaboration in the sales process. This solution is customizable, meaning that you can create your own drag-and-drop personal dashboard to see the information you find most important first. By effectively creating your own solution in a low-code environment, you can develop a custom CRM without having to negotiate with your IT or programming department. Craft your dashboard for your business needs and gain visibility and detailed reporting on sales opportunities and pipelines. Manage B2B leads, accounts, and contacts for a comprehensive view of your entire sales organization. Download this CRM app for sales managers now if you need a comprehensive sales solution, or browse any of our other 800 applications to find the software that's perfect for your business.


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Complete Sales Manager

By Dennis a year ago

I am new to QB and going through the QB certification process. I downloaded this app to see what apps look like in QB and did not use it for any type of application.

Fit most of my needs

By tsatterfield a year ago

With a few tweaks this app is exactly what I needed for my business. Saved me valuable time!

Great solution

By jmclaren a year ago

Really excited about QB and what it can do. I wish the native ExactForms was more robust.

Simple well structured app for Sales Management

By Dunk 2 years ago

Easily adapted to own product portfolio and market, the customer map feature is for US only and therefore it is easier to make new report. Campaign function is weak as a minimum it should be possible to add activities for an operational break down

Good functionality and easy to customize once you get the hang of it

By Alex10 2 years ago

Very happy with functionality. Takes some time to figure out how to customize to your needs but once you get the hang of it its not too bad.

Sales Management App

By Stace 2 years ago

I am new to Quick Base and just learning all of its features. I must say that I am liking the app thus far. Mostly I like how customizable it is.

good foundation

By BenX 2 years ago

The app provides a good foundation to get you started

CRM App assessment

By QBdeveloper over 3 years ago

it looks like this app is a terrifc starting point for what we need to do. It will cut down on development time quite a bit.

Good but missing something.

By Mariano over 3 years ago

It is the closest to the best I could find. What I had to do to fit our purposes, is add an asset table and reconstructs all the relationship. Making Asset table at the main table in the application. We are in the oil and gas industry. So it's good to know what opportunities are attached to what asset (jack up rig, land rigs, vessel, ect.) But overall this application saved me a lot of time. Good job.

Great foundational program for CRM

By Sherry over 3 years ago

We needed a simple solution, integrated to many other apps, to replace salesforce. So far, so good. The only caution I would offer is the "Name" field in the contacts section. The primary field is full name, with first and last calculated by formula. I encountered all sorts of problems because many people have names that are not just two words separated by a space. I ultimately created my own first, last and full name fields. I could have saved myself some grief if I had done that at the outset when I imported thousands of names! I also found there were a few display issues in reports for contact where the company field displayed should have been "related company" but it was listed as "company". Easy to change, but again, took a few minutes to figure out the problem was the report and not the import of data.

Excellent app!

By George344. over 3 years ago

This great app is giving our Sales director visibility into all the activities of the individual Sales people. The new dashboard looks amazing too!

Very Helpful "Out of the Box"

By Jay_R. over 3 years ago

I was able to use this app right "out of the box" by just updating some of the sample data with different sales channels that I use. ?The new charts (dashboards) are very insightful and convenient to have right up front. ?Great layout well designed.?

Pretty impressive

By Gary over 3 years ago

The homepage is very impressive. I love how simple and easy it is to use. You can drag and drop any feature you want to add. It gives you the empowerment to have an entire sales person's workflow on one page. We know how sales people hate busy work. Problem solved!

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