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Manage multiple projects and tasks in one central location. You'll have the visibility you need to get the best performance from your team. Track customers, time spent on tasks, project expenses, and upload important Documents. Increase productivity, improve collaboration, and get projects done on time and under budget.


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By David C 34 weeks ago

I found complete project manager to be a useful app

By Usha 37 weeks ago

Easy to use............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

By EDLT 37 weeks ago

Excellent build and functionality for project management

By Swapnil 40 weeks ago

Very well thought out application for managing projects of all sizes

Complete Project Manager

By EJ10 47 weeks ago

The response time on click was a bit slow, but I cannot definitively say it was the app. Overall, it is a solid base app where you can introduce as much or as little customization as needed. Navigation was very easy to follow.

Complete Sales Manager

By Motomonkey 48 weeks ago

An adequate platform to manage sales pipeline. Would like to see features from Complete Project Manager incorporated such as Team Members and Projects. This would allow sales activities to be better coordinated among teams.

Great start for a project manager app

By John smith a year ago

Complete project manager is a great foundation for your custome needs. Minor tweaks can give you a custom solution for your business needs

Great template to learn on.

By mdubuk a year ago

I am new to quickbase but was able to use this app as a template to learn the system while still being productive right away. I plan on customizing the app to better fit my needs but it's a great foundation.

Excellent template to get any project started.

By L2TE E2TE a year ago

I was looking for a skeleton project so that I could ramp up quickly. I was able to get my basic functionality going pretty quickly and have already had very positive feedback.

General Manager

By Stan a year ago

Cost and training availability, need flexibility , linking notes

Good starting point

By bcott a year ago

I used this as a personal starting point to build a project management app. It's pretty straight forward with good bones to work with.

Project Management App

By Ricardo 2 years ago

Very good for gnatt chart views and project task planning

Excellent Apps for Project Management database.

By Bern23 2 years ago

Great and very user-friendly apps to use. It fit exactly to what I need in a Project Management database and it is very easy to introduce and implement to my team. Keep up the good work mates. :)

very complete database

By kibris 2 years ago

Useful and complete, easy to customize and adapt to your needs

Complete Project Manager Review

By Honest Reviewer 2 years ago

While the application is very powerful or has a long list of functionality I found it cumbersome to negotiate. The product was a great product ten years ago but it seems to have made little progress in usability and is out of step with competing products.

Complete Project Manager

By Rfaust 2 years ago

Would love to get it more generic and configurable

Great base for building out a project management app

By Anits 2 years ago

This app has the basics needed in most project management applications and allows you to easily add on and customize for your own team. The built in alerts, charts, and home page are great!

Setting up a project takes time

By Mehboob Khan 2 years ago

Whether new or old, every project has a list of tasks needing completion. Setting up these tasks is very slow in this app as a form needs to be filled for each. Even with tabular view, its slow. It would help if a excel based input file can be made for loading up the tasks.

Complete Project Manager

By Amit Gupta 2 years ago

This is Awesoeme App for Project management!!! It is rich featured App, i liked it.

QuickBase Trial

By RafaelMtz1 2 years ago

It is necessary visual aids to perform the didactic

QuickBase Project Manager

By Chad 2 years ago

Well thought out database structure. I was up and running in five minutes

Great In Some Ways

By John12 2 years ago

Great for analysis of many projects aggregated together. Many will not need to change anything in this template to begin using it. Lacks ability to give complete picture of single, complex projects.

Complete Project Manager

By Bowtie 2 years ago

Excellent application. The comments on specific fields were extremely helpful.

OK, but LibrePlan is better

By Freddy over 3 years ago

It's OK, but not worth a subscription fee. The free ProjectLibre (LibrePlan) is our choice. Can't wait for the SaaS version out sometime this year !

Useful app

By Weswabro over 3 years ago

sets up very useful foundation for a project. Easy and logical navigation. Simple to customize and build on top of it.

Great app with the modern UI

By Nate over 3 years ago

This application is great for managing your clients, when you spend most of your time developing solutions, this is a great system to manage them. I did add a help system that uses the token api to give my users a way to report where they are and what form they are using, though you can't ask quickbase to solve all your problems...

Great start for Project management

By deecon4t over 3 years ago

I did a demo with this app and customized it and changed a few things and he signed up that night.

a mature app

By happy_projmgr. over 3 years ago

This app has very nice dashboards and task tracking mechanisms. Someone clearly put a lot of thought into what kinds of information project managers would need to get their jobs done.

By Richard Larrabee. over 3 years ago

Good entry level project tracking

By Rebecca Shrum. over 3 years ago

Very easy to follow logic.

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