To move fast and keep costs low, many business leaders turn to spreadsheets and email to manage projects. However, despite their availability, familiarity, and ease of use, spreadsheets restrict a team's ability to collaborate, reduce manual processes, and scale effectively.

5 Signs you're using spreadsheets wrong
Moving beyond spreadsheets to manage business growth

In this 30-minute webinar, Adam Hoover and Steve Duque of Quick Base share why business leaders are empowering their teams to use alternatives like cloud-based, customizable databases instead of spreadsheets to automate processes and reporting. Watch and you will:

♦ Learn where to draw the line between adequate and inadequate use of spreadsheets
♦ Hear alternatives to spreadsheets that improve team response times, increase quality, and ensure data integrity
♦ See a demo of how Quick Base can help you overcome common spreadsheet challenges
♦ Foster a culture of true low-code Citizen development

You don't need to struggle with day-to-day tasks that require spreadsheets. Download this webinar and begin transforming your business processes today.