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Training Tracking Software Configured For Your Business

Customize training tracking software to track every stage of employee training – all without coding.

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Training Management Software That Works Like You Do

With Quickbase, track employee training in one place. Organize everything your team needs—compliance, certifications, qualifications and licensing data—in a central repository. Set the guidelines for who needs to be trained, what types of training they need and the schedule for completion. Calendars, forms, records, reports, reminders, dashboards and other functionality can be configured to your exact specifications—all without coding.

Our training tracking software allows you to do it all in real-time from a secure web-based platform. Employees, instructors, administrators, partners, and contractors can access and share from a single source in the cloud. With granular permissions, it’s up to you who can view or make changes to maintain records of attendance, training completion, cancellations, credits, scores and more.

Monitor Training Progress and Achievements With Real-Time Insights

Quickbase employee training tracking software gives you full visibility—whether it’s an individual’s training performance or the effectiveness of your entire training program.

With point and click simplicity you can create custom dashboards and reports that give you the insight you need for timely and effective training. Quickly identify what kind of training an individual or group requires, and when. See in detail the value of a specific training class, course, test or instructor.

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Drive Progress With Automation

Ensure that everyone is getting quality training with our simple web-based employee training management and tracking system. With it you can easily create training agendas for each event, specify course requirements, upload materials, set assignments, track employee progress, and more.

Automated tasks and processes mean nothing falls through the cracks. For example, use Quickbase training tracking software to automate workflows for your teachers, trainers, and team members by triggering updates and actions. Set up alerts and reminders for incomplete or overdue training modules, pending deadlines, and upcoming tasks and enrollments.

We love that Quickbase lets our employees do what they need to do without being hindered by complexity.
Sherry ParsonsDirector of Communications at Earthbound Farm