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Collaborate Seamlessly and Securely with Quickbase

Eliminate manual updates, improve data accuracy & secure your most important data.

Quickbase easily adapts and scales to meet your needs. Eliminate time-consuming, manual spreadsheet-based processes, and manage projects, service requests, supply chain, documents, and more with ease.

With our platform, anyone can create the tools they need to collect, track, and analyze information easily.

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Benefits of a Flexible Platform

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Legacy systems have limits

Break traditional software boundaries to promote constant innovation with low-code

Customer Satisfaction

Perfect your value-creation processes to maximize customer experiences
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Digitization is a competitive advantage

Utilize rapid innovation to stay ahead of competition

Migrate your spreadsheets to our secure cloud platform in minutes

Relying on complex spreadsheets updated manually and by multiple users means that you're more likely to have errors. No audit trail means that after an error is introduced, there may be no way to diagnose or reverse the change.

With Quickbase, save time by updating your data automatically, control who can access your data, and have access to a single source of truth in real time.

Low Code Builder
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Role-specific, personalized dashboards.

Inform executives with a visual summary of key business metrics. Focus team members by highlighting pending tasks and instant results. For each role and person on your team, you're able to craft a personalized dashboard that hones in on key information and eliminates messy data and distraction.

Consolidating this process in Quickbase made it much easier to collect on invoices. Our sales managers get notified when overdue invoices need their attention, and management gets daily - rather than weekly - visibility into our receivables.

Michael Wacht, VP of Operations