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Visualize All Your Real Estate Management Data from a Single Platform

Improve Customer Experience

Keep track of leases, sales, and work orders across all properties with your management dashboard.

Enhance Visibility and Accountability

Track projects and key metrics with a variety of report types from summary reports to charts, maps, calendars, and timelines.

Gain Greater Insight into your Performance

Get quick snapshots of maintenance requests, inventory and revenue, and open vacancies in interactive reports personalized for your stakeholders.

Manage Your Properties and Resources Effectively

Make informed decisions about your real estate properties. With the needed information within reach, it's easy to know when you need to hire new people or when properties are scheduled to turn over. Collect and access all information from a single platform with our cloud-based real estate property management software.

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End the Paper Trail

Our easy-to-use real estate management software allows you to spend less time working with paperwork and more time negotiating, so that you can be more successful. With better, smarter forms, automated alerts, notifications, and reminders, it's easier to make sure nothing is dropped. Cut out paper, save time, and collaborate with contractors, clients, and your real estate team.