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The #1 application development platform for continuous improvement

Reduce long development cycles and turn speed into a competitive advantage.

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The Quickbase Visual Builder

Achieve operational agility with application development

Create custom business software solutions faster and more effectively. Automate critical processes while remaining flexible to the constantly changing business environment, all without coding. Provide more value to your customers with real-time collaboration to perfect your unique operations.

Create efficiencies using low-code application development

  • Reduce IT's backlog: Bypass long development cycles and deploy apps without IT bottlenecks
  • Customize every component of your apps: Personalize workflows, forms, fields, tables, reports, and dashboards to fit your business
  • Streamline your data migration: Upload a spreadsheet or copy and paste data
  • Simplify app development: Visually, intuitively, and securely build apps, while maintaining flexibility to adapt
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Unite IT-level security with enterprise-level speed

  • Highly configurable permissions: Granular control over highly configurable permissions down to the field and query-level. Test viewing apps as other roles and users to preserve data security.
  • Streamline governance: Utilize controls such as IP filtering, requiring users to use VPN credentials, or Single Sign-On.
  • Two-step authentication: Carry over your organization's unique password policies to your Quickbase apps such as length and expiration.

Connect your entire software ecosystem

Quickbase Pipelines is the fastest way to connect disparate systems and transform the way your data is used to uncover new insights. Create your Pipeline with the intuitive, drag-and-drop visual builder, which makes it easy for citizen developers to create more complex integrations and orchestrate automated workflows. Integrations enable processes that happen outside of Quickbase to be brought into the platform.
Quickbase Pipelines
G2 badge for Leader, Fall 2023
G2 badge for users most likely to recommend for enterprises, Fall 2023
Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Development Products for 2024 from G2
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Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Project Management Products for 2024 from G2
Shortlisted in Capterra
What is striking... is that [Quickbase] is easy enough to develop with that every one of our non-technical employees can still be 'software developers'.
Tim Rowe
CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center