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Configure in Days and Update in Seconds Without a Developer.

The world's most innovative companies use Quickbase to turn their ideas into business solutions

With Quickbase, Anyone Can Be a Developer.

Create custom business software — from asset management, project management, and HR tools to custom CRM and IT management software — all to your exact specifications, all without coding. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Quickbase allows you to easily create business software that fits your exact needs.

Upload a spreadsheet or copy and paste data from your clipboard to get started. Once your data is loaded in, you can visually, intuitively, and securely build an app without any coding. With Quickbase, anyone can be an app builder.

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What is a No-Code Platform?

No-code and low-code tools are disrupting the way we do businesses by dramatically reducing the time it takes to build applications. Whereas low-code tools are made for professional developers, no-code tools like Quickbase enable business and process owners to build a solution themselves.

With Quickbase, you can build apps and automate processes without long development cycles and help quickly reduce IT's development backlog. Customize every component of your apps to work how you do — workflows, forms, fields, tables, reports, and dashboards — all without coding.

Easily Integrate Quickbase with the Tools You Use Every Day.

With Quickbase, you can access your data anywhere you have it stored. After an app is created, you can bring and leverage external data into your Quickbase app and keep it automatically in sync. In a few clicks, you can connect your app with other popular cloud services or even build your own data or app integration.

Keep Your Data Safe with Security Features that IT Leaders Demand.

Highly Configurable Permissions

Exert granular control over who sees what information. With no-code, highly configurable permissions, you dictate where information goes and who sees it, down to the field- and query-level. You can even test as another role or user to ensure everything is setup exactly the way you want.

IP Filtering and SSO

Control access to apps using the platform's IP filtering capabilities. Users must be in specific locations or use VPN credentials to get access to your Quickbase apps. App builders can also streamline governance by externally authenticating users with your corporate directory using Single Sign-On (SAML or LDAP).

Two-Step Authentication and Custom Password Policies

Add an extra layer of security to ensure that your Quickbase data is protected even if a user's password is compromised. With two-step authentication, a user's identity is verified using their email address, password and a one-time use verification code of six alphanumeric characters.

Ensure passwords adhere to your rigorous governance standards. Carry over your organization's unique password policies to your Quickbase apps, including minimum length, requiring mixed case, password expiration, and size of password storing.

Quickbase Named a Leader in Forrester’s New Wave: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers

Forrester has recognized Quickbase as a Leader in its new Wave report with a differentiated rating in 8 of 10 assessment criteria.

Low-code development platforms are empowering business developers to solve problems in a new way – quickly, easily, and without programming skills. Gain valuable insights about this growing market in the first-ever Forrester Wave dedicated to it.

In this report, we believe you’ll learn how low-code platforms:

  • Save time by swapping clunky spreadsheets and desktop databases with self-serve automation
  • Empower people closest to the work while IT pros handle technical concerns
  • Allow business pros to solve business challenges themselves, without the need for coding skills

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"What is striking ... is that it is easy enough to develop with, that every one of our non-technical employees can still be 'software developers'."
Tim Rowe - CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center
Quickbase customer since 2005