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Empower your people with no-code application development

Build your database from scratch, manage complex projects, integrate existing systems, and automate your workflows — all with Quickbase.

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Three reasons to see, connect, and control your data with Quickbase

1. Extend your legacy systems

Quickbase integrates with your existing systems to bring all your information into one centralized, updated place. With custom, dynamic reports and dashboard, your team can make informed decisions, avoid duplicating efforts, and track updates at a glance.

2. Automate your processes

Connect and track your data across systems and automate the processes that are critical to your company, so your team can focus on the important decisions. Get real-time visibility and access into the operations and management of your organization across teams, offices, and departments.

3. Maintain data integrity

Quickbase’s best-in-class security standards allow you to set granular roles and permissions based on each user. Be sure that everyone is connected with exactly the information they need so that important confidential information stays secure.

Strengthen your data and your teams

Transform the way your data is used, uncover new insights in real-time, and continuously evolve the processes that make your business unique.

With the Quickbase no-code platform, your team can efficiently build flexible, robust apps that provide data consistency and security.

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Simplify decision-making and collaboration

Centralize your workflows across teams with custom dashboards and reports - which allow you to see, connect, and control every detail of even your most complex projects. With no coding knowledge or IT assistance needed, you can easily and efficiently build a database from scratch with forms, fields, and tables based on your specific business needs.

Make integration a seamless process

Connect your legacy systems to see all your data in one place, across all departments, whether you’re in the office or in the field. Make new connections in minutes by using Quickbase’s drag-and-drop visual builder to integrate data and workflows.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Quickbase allows you to create highly configurable permissions. You can exert granular control over who sees what information, even down to the field and query level. You can even test as another role or user to ensure everything is set up exactly the way you want.

Yes. You can control access to apps using Quickbase's IP filtering capabilities to ensure that users with access either log in from specific locations or use VPN credentials to access applications. App builders can also streamline governance by externally authenticating users with the corporate directory using SSO.

Yes. Two-factor authentication and custom password policies are both supported. With two-step authentication, a user's identity is verified using their email address, password, and a one-time-use verification code. Carry over your organization's unique password policies to your Quickbase apps.

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