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Fuel Innovation With Low-Code

When you make application development accessible at the edge of your business, you are enabling innovation and agility throughout your organization. Quickbase empowers those closest to the work, with the deepest understanding of business processes, to solve problems and automate workflows with easy-to-assemble business applications.

Create solutions faster and eliminate traditional development restrictions while maintaining enterprise security requirements. Perfect and automate your unique processes which traditional software and legacy systems cannot always handle.

It was an overnight change for us. Emily’s team helped us at 1 p.m. on a Thursday, and we were utilizing it on Friday.

Becky Miller

Unite Business and IT to Achieve Business Agility

Quickbase unites business & IT teams on a single platform, making it easy to continuously innovate in a common application ecosystem. Robust administrative controls, roles & permissions, and change management practices allow IT leaders to implement appropriate guardrails to support citizen development, while enabling continuous business innovation in a safe, secure, and sustainable way.

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Benefits Of Low-Code

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Legacy systems have limits

Break traditional software boundaries to promote constant innovation with low-code

Shortage of software developers

Empower more development resources to maintain the pace your business needs
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Digitization is a competitive advantage

Utilize rapid innovation to stay ahead of competition

Customer satisfaction

Perfect your value-creation processes to maximize customer experiences

Win the talent war

Attract employees who value innovation and will keep your business ahead
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Ensure End-To-End IT-Level Security

With highly configurable permissions down to the field- and query-level, you can exert granular control over who sees what information. You can even test as another role or user to ensure everything is set up exactly the way you want.

Control access to apps using the platform's IP filtering capabilities. Users must be in specific locations or use VPN credentials to get access to your Quickbase apps. App builders can also streamline governance by externally authenticating users with your corporate directory using SSO.

With two-step authentication, a user's identity is verified using their email address, password and a one-time use verification code. Carry over your organization's unique password policies to your Quickbase apps.

Connect Your Entire Software Ecosystem

Quickbase Pipelines is the fastest way to connect disparate systems and transform the way your data is used to uncover new insights in real-time.

Create your own Pipeline with the intuitive, drag-and-drop visual builder, which makes it easy for IT and citizen developers to create complex integrations and orchestrate automated workflows. You can even create integrations and automate work that happens entirely outside of Quickbase applications using Pipelines technology.

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What is striking... is that it is easy enough to develop with, that every one of our non-technical employees can still be 'software developers'.

Time Rowe
CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center

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