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Streamline HR Processes • Create Custom Dashboards • Centralize and Secure Employee Data

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Streamline HR Operations with Quickbase

  • Employee Records

    Keep HR data at your fingertips in a centralized, secure cloud platform

  • Application Tracking

    Speed decisions and secure best hires by customizing all aspects of the hiring process

  • Onboarding

    Create a consistent and well-structured onboarding experience for new hires

  • Vacation Tracking

    Streamline PTO requesting and tracking with a fast and easy digital solution

  • Performance Tracking

    Make performance reviews and management fast, frequent, and effective

Employee Retention Starts with Quickbase

A great first day sets the stage for higher retention, engagement, and performance. Centralize you HR data to track hiring progress and onboarding tasks, and create forms that enable employees to enroll in benefits and complete tax forms online. Automate new hire reminders and email triggers, all while ensuring that employee information stays private and secure.

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Breaking Through Onboarding Bottlenecks with Quickbase

Avant Healthcare Professionals recruits, trains, and places much-needed nurses from abroad into the U.S. healthcare system. To manage the complexities of onboarding new nurses, Avant needed a highly-customized solution. Quickbase provided the company with a fast, flexible platform for building robust business applications that allowed the company to support a 300% growth in its nursing pipeline.

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What is Quickbase?

Quickbase empowers users of all technical backgrounds – from HR professionals, marketers, project managers, and business analysts to seasoned IT professionals – to make their own custom business applications, automate processes, and solve their unique business needs.

"Quickbase enables us to develop high-value solutions that help make everyone's work easier and more enjoyable."

Spence Lloyd, Avant Healthcare Professionals

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