Data Integrity & Governance

Ensuring Data Integrity With Secure Governance

Quickbase’s advanced access management capabilities align with corporate IT policies to ensure that the right people are accessing your applications and your data is secure.

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Quickbase simplifies application governance through four pillars of security.


User & Access Management

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Security & Compliance

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Software Development Life Cycle

Data Integrity

Orient, govern, and empower your teams

The Quickbase governance framework orients your team around a core set of principles to help you govern and define how Quickbase operates within your organization. This is supported by industry-leading product capabilities and controls that enable secure citizen development in partnership with IT.

No-code governance is more than product capabilities and security features — it’s the processes, policies and people involved in organizing your platform, your data and maintaining safe development practices across your organization.

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The Governance Framework

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Proactively manage risk with a simplified data governance process

Quickbase prioritizes the security and integrity of your data by practicing rigorous data segregation, retention, and encryption.

This gives you control of logical access to your team's data via authentication and authorization, and gives you confidence that your data is fully encrypted at motion and at rest. If your team decides they don't need certain data anymore, it will be held in Quickbase backup systems for six months after deletion before it is fully purged and destroyed.

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