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New Features That Can Help You Get More Out Of Quickbase.

Quickbase Is Mobile

Take advantage of powerful, customized Quickbase apps seamlessly optimized for mobile devices, without any additional builder effort. Quickbase effortlessly translates your dashboards, reports, charts, and records to our mobile interface.

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Workflow Automations Save You Time

Automations enable you to create business rules with clicks, not code, so you can build dramatically more powerful Quickbase apps that solve unique problems in every part of your organization. You can now have Quickbase automatically perform actions in response to changes in your app or on a schedule. This means less time spent on low-value work and more teams focused on the work that truly matters, like raising the bar on customer experience and growing your business.

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Kanban Reports

Team collaboration with Quickbase continues to get a whole lot easier and more powerful. Teams can instantly organize, visualize, update and act on work in progress, helping them manage their processes and projects more efficiently. Quickbase Kanban combine the simplicity of drag and drop cards with the power of the Quickbase platform.

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Audit Logs Ensure Accountability

Keeping track of how your company is using Quickbase has never been easier. With Quickbase, you can quickly view all user activities, data changes and schema changes. Our audit logs give you greater visibility into your users and apps, ensuring you maintain your security standards and compliance policies. And it's up to you how long the logs get stored. Choose to store audit logs for 6 months or 1, 3 or 7 years.

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