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See, connect, and control every detail of your building projects

So many tasks, but never enough time or budget? Coordinate even the most complex jobs with efficiency and accuracy — all with Quickbase.

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Quickbase plays a critical role in helping to connect the dots and make sense of all the data that comes with each unique project.
Anthony Chiaradonna
Anthony Chiaradonna
CIO, Consigli

All your end-to-end solutions — all in one place

Minimize data chaos and see projects clearly

Gain real-time visibility into the status of every project by easily connecting critical systems, centralizing data, and streamlining communication through automations and integrations within existing environments.

Support your people with business-driven technology

Prevent unnecessary delays caused by manually managed processes. Keep construction projects running on-time and on-budget by consolidating and controlling key data through your application — so it’s accessible if you’re in the office, in the field, or anywhere else.

Adapt and adjust as needed

Build custom solutions quickly and adapt them to suit your ever-changing business needs. Control who can see and use information on the spot, and efficiently share information with your team in the field.

Prioritize safety and compliance

Comply with health & safety regulations, and create a safer workplace for everyone. Eliminate dangerous communication gaps when managing numerous teams, subcontractors, supervisors, or vendors.
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Gain control over challenging project management workflows

According to third party research conducted by Foundry, only 40% of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses are using automated workflows to complete their complex projects.

That means a staggering lack of visibility, unpredictable costs, and extended project timelines. Find out for yourself how no-code can change that.