With Quick Base, do more with your spreadsheets than just put them online.

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The world's most innovative companies use Quick Base to turn their ideas into business solutions

Use your Excel skills to create simple to sophisticated web and mobile apps for better collaboration.

    Unlike Smartsheet, Quick Base empowers business people to build applications for managing and automating work processes.

    App Building

    Build web and mobile apps with custom reports, dashboards and automated workflows

    Limited to spreadsheet-style rows and columns

    Workflow Automation

    User-created rules link business logic to automated workflows for approvals and other processes

    Sheet change notifications only

    App Customization

    All licensed users can fully customize apps with their own reports and workflows

    "Collaborators" cannot create or customize sheets or reports; they can only view and edit sheet data

    App Marketplace

    800+ customizable ready-to-use apps

    Limited number of pre-built templates


    Fast performance for applications of all sizes accessed by thousands of users

    Slow launching and scrolling through large sheets

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    Easily build and use forms, reports, workflows, data/table relationships and more. Quick Base gives you the flexibility to develop apps that work the way you do.

    • Reduce 100,000 emails and improve collaboration across your team

    • Eliminate 3,000 spreadsheets and time spent on manual data entry

    • Save $150,000 in administrative costs and improve efficiency

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