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Before Quickbase

Before Qb Graphic
  • You spend days centralizing data before you can report on it
  • You have to chase people down for approvals, orders, etc.
  • You waste time on mundane, repetitive, manual tasks
  • You're moving data between multiple spreadsheets
  • Information is siloed in scattered repositories

The list goes on and on...


After Quickbase

After Qb Graphic
  • The information you need is all in one place at your fingertips
  • Gain real-time visibility into projects and data
  • Enjoy operational rhythm and get more done
  • Save time by automating manual tasks
  • Share and collaborate effortlessly

Alert! Microsoft Ends Support for Web Apps

In April 2018, Microsoft stopped all support for running Access applications in the cloud. Therefore, you will no longer be able to create Access-based apps for SharePoint Online. If web apps are important to your business, you will need to migrate them to a secure, cloud-based platform or take a step back to costly on-premises software.

Migrating from Microsoft Access to Quickbase is just the beginning of a better way to work. This is an opportunity to tap into the power of a cloud-based platform to open the door to easier and faster app building, mobile access, data integration, and the ability to build custom business tools with no coding skills.

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Simple Business App Creation

Quickbase makes app building easy with a no-code guided process that makes building a fully custom app as easy as uploading a spreadsheet. Customize forms, fields, and tables in our simple, visual interface that requires only simple spreadsheet skills. Updating is a breeze with customizable forms and spreadsheet uploads.

Interested in building apps using Access? Microsoft Access requires skilled database professionals to set up and administer databases using Access or a SQL server. With Quickbase, you can build and customize apps easily without advanced technical skills.

Quickbase is Mobile

Update and access your data anytime, anywhere, on any device with Quickbase. Your powerful, customized apps will be seamlessly optimized for mobile devices, without any additional effort. Quickbase automatically translates your dashboards, reports, charts, and records to our mobile interface.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Access has weak mobile support, with Microsoft even recommending against customers using Access for mobile apps due to very limited functionality.

"Quickbase gives us a high-value, low-cost platform that has enabled us to centralize our information, streamline our workflows, improve security, and improve our overall compliance processes."
Erik Jonte, IT Risk Manager, Google