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Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Navigate Disruption by Improving Supply Chain Visibility

In the face of continued disruption, disconnected teams and manual processes are putting supply chains are at risk. Visibility to critical information with connected teams is the answer for a resilient supply chain. Quickbase has partnered with GLG to survey 201 enterprise supply chain professionals in the U.S. within manufacturing, transportation & warehouse, and retail sectors.

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Manual processes and disconnected systems are at the core of slow reaction times to change.

Quickbase can enable teams to gain greater visibility into their data. They can now work better and faster with their suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders across the business. Providing supply chain teams with the right information at the right time will open up a number of positive business outcomes.

Supply Chain Workers

of respondents claim that the root cause of slow reaction time to unanticipated changes is a direct result of manual processes.

of respondents rated supply chain as “9 or 10” on importance on a scale of 1 to 10

of respondents have to react to unanticipated changes daily (36%) or weekly (43%)