Extend your Quick Base functionality with add-ons.

Looking to augment your Quick Base experience further? Created by Quick Base Solution Providers, add-ons extend the functionality of your applications or integrate with your existing technologies, to help you do more with Quick Base.

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Save emails from any email program or smart phone into QuickBase. Also save Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks into QuickBase. Free trial.

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Template Builder

MCF Template Builder is an MS Word Add-in which allows users to generate/email custom Word/PDF docs from QuickBase.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Exact Forms Plus!

Create Microsoft Word or PDF documents right from your QuickBase application. No macros to install and we can handle application tokens!

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Gantt

MCF Gantt is a specialized enhancement which allows users to view/edit project data via an interactive timeline interface.

QuNect ODBC for QuickBase

QuNect ODBC for QuickBase is the world's first and only ODBC driver for QuickBase.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

DocuSign for QuickBase

Fast, easy and secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. Fully integrated with your QuickBase application.

Advantage Integrated Solutions, Inc.


Centralize important emails into your CRM or other QuickBase app regardless of your email client (Outlook, Gmail, Mobile, etc…).

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF E-mail Processor

Allows behind-the-scenes processing of inbound e-mails for dynamic routing to QuickBase applications.

Veilsun, Inc.


VeilChimp is a bi-directional integration between QuickBase's CRM and MailChimp email marketing tool.

Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.


TrinityCharts gives you the ability to create stunning, animated and interactive charts to enhance your QuickBase application.

Veilsun, Inc.


QScheduler is a web-based scheduler and calendar interface that integrates seamlessly with QuickBase.


Audit Trail for QuickBase

Track QuickBase record views, additions, modifications, deletions and file attachment views in your QuickBase Applications.

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Scheduler

MCF Scheduler is a QuickBase enhancement which allows easy scheduling of events and/or resources via an attractive drag/drop interface.

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Schema Tool

The MCF Schema tool documents QuickBase by pulling and tracking changes to schema, users, roles, code pages and permissions.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Amazon S3 w/Doc Mgt

This tool is an advanced version of our Amazon S3 Basic Tool. Maintain file revisions, lock documents and reduce data storage costs.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Courier for QuickBase

Courier for QuickBase provides enhanced functionality when sending email notifications and reminders to QuickBase Users and Non-Users.

TrainPro Central Application

The TrainPro Central application is for training departments that need to track their instructional design projects.

Veilsun, Inc.

Project Builder

Project Builder lets you populate multiple tasks to your projects with a click of a button.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.


Generate Excel documents exactly the way you need

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Sync Manager

Allows users to configure and run a sync between 2 or more QuickBase tables in same or different applications



QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBase Integration. Connecting YOUR QuickBase and QuickBooks.

Advantage Integrated Solutions, Inc.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Best tool to sync your QuickBase with QuickBooks online, saving duplicate data entry and improving data quality. Easy set up and operation.


Autocomplete for QuickBase

Add autocomplete widgets to your QuickBase Forms and Home Pages (a.k.a. Dashbards) to easily locate records by typing.

Productivity Advisors

Simple Deal Prospecting

This application is designed to help dealmakers keep track of Basic Deal Terms

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Maps for QuickBase

Map more than a single location from your application on a Google Map, use Maps for QuickBase for more advanced Google Maps integration.

Productivity Advisors

Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management app designed to help managers manage and rate business best practices in their organization


Simple to Use and Administer Database Auto-Dial Capability

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Mobile apps for QuickBase

Create very specific mobile applications for your QuickBase application. These apps will work on iOS and Android phones and tablets.



Save calendar, contacts, tasks, and more from QuickBase into Microsoft Outlook with a single click. Free trial.

Veilsun, Inc.

Eagleview Extension

Extension allowing you to import roof measurements from Eagleview for quoting and more. A must have for roofing companies!

Advantage Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Doc-Link for Google Docs

Enterprise Google Docs Integration with QuickBase

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Signatures for QuickBase

Electronically Sign QuickBase records and store the captured signature image in a file attachment field.

Sympo, Inc.


This tool allows a user to upload multiple files into QuickBase at once.

Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.


TrinitySync enables you to store and manage files on Dropbox and Amazon S3 for enhanced flexibility in data storage options.

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Batch Uploader/Downloader

MCF Batch Uploader/Downloader allows teams to quickly upload or download large batches of documents to QuickBase and/or Amazon S3.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Fax from QuickBase

Send a fax from QuickBase with our fax for QuickBase integration tool. You can fax the pdf doc from your file attachment to anyone you want

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC

HR Management Application

Extensive pre-built application for managing all HR activities other than payroll and benefits.

Veilsun, Inc.


QDot is an integration between your QuickBase CRM application and Pardot Marketing Automation tool.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Amazon S3 Multifile

Select MULTIPLE files, relate them to a single record in your QuickBase application and store them in Amazon S3.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Text to QuickBase

Interact with your QuickBase application simply by sending a text msg. Add/Update/Delete data from any mobile device that you can text from

Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.


TrinityAuditLogger is one of the most advanced and full featured record and field loggers for QuickBase

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Image Mapper

MCF Image Mapper allows users to map QuickBase data directly to images such as floorplans or maps.

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC

Non-Profit Management

The most functionally extensive non-profit management app available - let alone online. Pricing drastically below any competitive offering.

Veilsun, Inc.

Scrum Board

Scrum board is a drag and drop interface which allows you to assign and re-assign open QuickBase tasks to resources.

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC

Homeowner Association Managment

Application for managing most of the functions for homeowner associations.

CloudBase Services


Need to report on data from different systems? Let CBS simplify an otherwise complex process of combining data from different sources.


TrainTRAC - Training Management Solutions

CloudBase Services


QuickUtilization lets managers see utilization rates for individuals or groups. Set your own reporting period. Colorful, dynamic reports.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

File Attachment Multifile

Select MULTIPLE files, relate them to a single record in your QuickBase application and store them in File Attachment fields.


FileTRAC - QuickBase Drop Box Capability with Drag and Drop Interface


Intuitive QuickBooks to QuickBase Bi-directional Integration


Part of the ShareTRAC Solutions Suite - CalendarTRAC Solutions: Easy to Use, Intelligent and Real-Time Calendar Module

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Ship Manager

Integrate seamlessly with FedEx and UPS to generate labels and post tracking numbers back to QuickBase.

Veilsun, Inc.

Google Drive Sync

GDrive Sync is an integration between QuickBase and Google Drive document storage.

Data Collaborative

DC Merge for QuickBase

Generate Microsoft Word mail merge documents and Excel reports from your QuickBase data with this handy application.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

ER Diagrams for QuickBase

Generate a visual representation of the tables and their relationships for your QuickBase application with our ER Diagrams QuickBase tool.

Veilsun, Inc.


FileDown+ allows you to download and organize multiple file attachments from QuickBase to your hard drive or server.


FormTRAC - Dynamic Form Creation and Fill with Criteria Based Sensitivity

Data Collaborative

WYSIWYG for QuickBase

Word-processing like formatting: Bold, Italics, Colors and even Pictures enhance your QuickBase Text Boxes. What you see is what you get!

Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.


TrinityScheduler allows you to create scheduled tasks that backup, move, add or delete data from your QuickBase applications.

CloudBase Services


QuickBoards creates dashboards with tabs, news alerts, scrolling text, personalized messages, complex charts and other elements.

MCF Technology Solutions


Screen pop incoming calls to a QuickBase record and download call logs into QuickBase.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Access Upsizer

Automatically create a new QuickBase application from an Access database with the Access Upsizer.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Scheduler for QuickBase

Enhanced calendaring capabilities for your QuickBase application. Multiple views-Day/Week/Month. Drag and Drop editing of entries and more.

OPTRAC Field Service Solutions: Powerful Service Organization Infrastructure Management

Part of the ShareTRAC Solutions Suite - OpTRAC: Powerful Service Operation Infrastructure Management

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Documentor for QuickBase

Create detailed documentation for your QuickBase application(s) using our Documentor for QuickBase tool.

MCF Technology Solutions

Box Integration

Tie a complex file and folder structure in Box into your QuickBase application for easy file management.


Using any smartphone device enter information into your QuickBase apps - even when you're offline.

QuNect Backup

QuNect Backup allows you to back up any size QuickBase table to a CSV (comma seperated values) file on your local hard drive.

Advantage Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Easy Insight for QuickBase

Drag. Drop. Done. Business Intelligence Made Easy

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Sync for Amazon S3

MCF Sync for Amazon S3 allows users with high document storage needs to post documents to Amazon S3 directly from QuickBase.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

HTML Editor for QuickBase

Include HTML within your multi-line text fields without having to know the proper HTML tags. Bold,italics,underline your text...and more!

Data Collaborative

Project Linqq

Seamlessly integrate QuickBase and QuickBooks with this application, which provides a powerful project management and data entry solution.

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF Backup for QuickBase

Creates a local database file from QuickBase with support for file attachments, S3, field changes and scheduling.

ShareTRAC Solutions Suite

ShareTRAC Solutions Suite


The only supplier-independent system for managing Girl Scout product sales.

811TRAC Utility Management Solutions: Expandable Utilities Infrastructure Management

811TRAC Utility Management Solution: Scalable Utility and Supplier Infrastructure Management with Intelligent GPS and Real-Time Analytics

Productivity Advisors

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

PSA is software designed to assist services professionals with CRM, project management and resource management for client projects.

Veilsun, Inc.

Google Maps Extension

Map multiple points or calculate the distance between points using your QuickBase Data.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Amazon S3 Basic

Running out of File Attachment space? Use an alternative data storage solution integrated with your QuickBase application, Amazon S3.

Productivity Advisors

CRM for QuickBase

Lightweight CRM system, meant to be an easy to use customer management tool

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

Triggers for QuickBase

Event handling for QuickBase! Add/Update/Delete data from any table based upon an event that takes place within your application.


MobileTRAC Traveling Solutions: Extendable QuickBase Solutions

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

File Attach Sweep to Amazon S3

This service tool will transfer data files stored in QuickBase File Attachment fields to cost effective storage solution, Amazon S3.

CloudBase Services


Want a chart that's not available in QuickBase? QuickCharts can get you presentation-quality graphics in minutes.

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC

Membership Management Application

Application for managing basic membership functions in different types of organizations.

MCF Technology Solutions

DocuSign Integration

Integrate your QuickBase application with DocuSign for in-person or remote signing experiences!

Data Collaborative

Insight for QuickBase

Inexpensive, easy to use automated application documentation system within QuickBase.

CloudBase Services


QuickTime Cards lets staff select the projects on which they worked during a week and enter time worked on each project each day .


Part of the ShareTRAC Solutions Suite - TimeTRAC - Virtual GPS Time Clock - Integrated Time Punch and Analysis Solution


ControlTRAC - Fail-Safe/Fail-Over Capability with 20 GIGABYTES of Application Space Included !

Veilsun, Inc.


This simple tool allows you to add multiple documents at one time to QuickBase.

Veilsun, Inc.

Google Calendar Extension

Integration between QuickBase and Google Calendar

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF File Manager

Upload and download large amounts of files in a web app integrated with your QuickBase application, storing files on your local file server.

Data Collaborative

DC Eclipse Plugin for QuickBase

Publish HTML and JavaScript QuickBase pages directly from Eclipse, taking full advantage of the IDE's powerful coding features.

MCF Technology Solutions

Advanced Reminder Tool

QuickBase reminders on your schedule, with customized reminder triggers, emails, and schedules.

Juiced Technologies, Inc.

PDF Merger

This handy add-on you will allow to join multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file.

MCF Technology Solutions

MCF QuickBooks Integration

MCF QuickBooks Integration is a fully customizable, bi-directional integration between QuickBooks and your custom QuickBase application.

Trinity Integrated Solutions, Inc.


TrinityScan can help you integrate barcode scanning into your QuickBase apps and mobile apps for complete flexibility.

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance App

This application enables basic tracking of controls, assertions and transactions for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance management.