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Overcoming Construction Productivity Hurdles in 2024 and Beyond

Construction project managers have a lot to keep tabs on – vendors, regulations, safety requirements, budget details and more all must be aligned for projects to go smoothly. While solutions do exist for construction companies to help keep track of these moving parts, many are disconnected, leading to data fragmentation and lost productivity.

Today’s work in the construction industry is complex and multi-stakeholder, and requires a solution that can be just as flexible. This eBook will explore how construction project managers can more effectively leverage technology and keep up with today’s world of Dynamic Work.

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  • The challenges faced in the construction industry today
  • Technology’s role in streamlining complex construction projects
  • How to eliminate data fragmentation and boost productivity
  • Real-life examples of how Quickbase’s Dynamic Work Management cut down on Gray Work and sped up project management in the construction industry

Overcoming Construction Productivity Hurdles in 2024 and Beyond