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Team Name
Coach Name
Coach Phone
Coach e-mail
Asst. Name
Asst Phone
Asst. E-mail
U09BX  (1 Team)  
Tar Legends Sched Fergus O'Sullivan 524-8560      
U10B  (8 Teams) 
Tar Argentina Sched Gary Fairley 320-0146      
Tar Denmark Sched Francisco Mendieta 552-7136      
Tar England Sched Daniel Leviatin (718) 813-4777      
Tar France Sched Hernan Lopez (914) 631-4365      
Tar Greece Sched Peter Desimini (914) 909-4057      
Tar Holland Sched Daniel Black (914) 923-7001 Paul Pirozzi 332-7595
Tar Spain Sched Aniello Ricchiuti (914) 631-4561 Vincenzo Ricchiuti 667-7833
Tar Sweden Sched John Gianni 909-0645      
U10G  (6 Teams) 
Tar Australia Sched David Kaplan 631-4917 Suresh Manjanath 332-9145
Tar Brazil Sched Sean Murphy 332-0995 Eric Wagner 366-0369
Tar Canada Sched Ralph Zednik 917-681-7725      
Tar Finland Sched Matt Evans 588-6034 Matt Weidner 332-1306,
Tar Italy Sched Chris Vacca 332-0618      
Tar Japan Sched Anthony Iannarelli 879-5283 Mike Levine 631-1299,
U10GX  (1 Team)  
Tar Strikers Sched Matt Evans 588-6034 Matt Weidner 332-1306
U11GX  (1 Team)  
Tar Girls Extra Sched John Sutherland (646) 258-5443 michael weitzen (914) 909-0650
U12B  (4 Teams) 
Tar Hurricanes Sched Christopher Arnold (914) 909-0071      
Tar Lightning Sched Jay Turner 393-0206      
Tar Monsoons Sched Juan Cobos 479-2088      
Tar Storm Sched David Rose 428-1428      
U12BX  (1 Team)  
Tar Boys Extra Sched Gary Fairley (914) 909-2325      
U12G  (4 Teams) 
Tar Cougars Sched Alex Chambers 631-6467 Tracey Koch 631-6678
Tar Jaguars Sched Howard Allen 909-0615 David Nutig 366-0915
Tar Panthers Sched Cathy Ruhland-Maus (914) 631-6104      
Tar Pumas Sched John Sutherland (646) 258-5443 Michael Weitzen 909-0650
U12GX  (1 Team)  
Tar Girls Extra Sched Tom Schumacher (914) 909-0358 Paul Morgan 909-6606
U14B  (2 Teams) 
Tar Condors Sched Matthew Brennan 366-4240, James Santo,
Tar Eagles Sched Paul Morgan 953-1587,      
U14G  (1 Team)  
Tar Comets Sched Ed Matera 631-1258 Fred Mauhs 631-6104
U19C  (2 Teams) 
Tar Goths Sched Jesus Loyola 845-519-8092      
Tar Spartans Sched Jeremy Feigelson (914) 332-8769      

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