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Team Name
Coach Name
Coach Phone
Coach e-mail
Asst. Name
Asst Phone
Asst. E-mail
U08B  (14 Teams) 
Oss Chivas Sched Alex Jeffrey 646-337-1143      
Oss Crew Sched Ron Humer 917-553-8812      
Oss Dynamo Sched Geronimo Rivera 914-488-7831      
Oss Earthquakes Sched Andrew Pastor 9144621308      
Oss Fire Sched Adam John 9146238433      
Oss Galaxy Sched Clyde Hodge 914-582-8920      
Oss Impact Sched Ted Thompson 914917-538-0711      
Oss NYCFC Sched Eric Gearity 9178812490 Jose Proano
Oss Rapids Sched Jason Rovenger 516 238 8433      
Oss Red Bulls Sched Eric Fermann 9147623669      
Oss Revolution Sched Curtis Bridgewater 6462432474 Tamarah Bridgewater 6462434408
Oss Sounders Sched Allison Mitchell 9176738805      
Oss Union Sched Sebastian Montenegro 718 310 8004      
Oss White Caps Sched Andy Kaplan 9144885288      
U08G  (7 Teams) 
Oss Duke Sched Yuri Cort 9147621018      
Oss Notre Dame Sched Regina Soares 9149099388      
Oss Penn Sched Josh Gannon 9144065332      
Oss Stamford Sched Frank Schnecker 917 846 1317      
Oss UCLA Sched Sydney Dreasky 9149233483, 9147879390,      
Oss UConn Sched Vito Moyla 9143734161      
Oss Virginia Sched Farooq Nasar 5162988351      
U10B  (12 Teams) 
Oss Arsenal Sched Mitch Benowitz 479-409-7669 Joelisa Lopez    
Oss Bournemouth Sched Gus Felipe 917-440-4481      
Oss Chelsea Sched Richard Bobadilla 914 954 1384 Raquel Bobadilla
Oss Everton Sched Dan Lange 914-482-2824      
Oss Liverpool Sched Michael Knopp 9178853712      
Oss Manchester Sched Guojing Cong 9142615673      
Oss NewCastle Sched Becky Lepore 9144346014      
Oss Norwich Sched Michael Jones Bey 9143730528      
Oss Sunderland Sched Pete Duran 9149418918      
Oss Swansea Sched Brad Cauthen 9149239522      
Oss Tottenham Sched Allison Mitchell 9176738805      
Oss Watford Sched Benjamin Grant Johnson 914-539-1640, 914-432-8553 Sylvana Trabout  
U10G  (5 Teams) 
Oss AC Milan Sched Mike Mione 914 373 9488      
Oss Fiorentina Sched John Temple 9144328504      
Oss Genoa Sched Jon Chauca 914-484-1098
Oss Inter Milan Sched Giorgio Vinces 914 310 1442      
Oss Jueventus Sched Bill Farrell 914 944 4037, 646 265 4189      
U12B  (6 Teams) 
Oss Athletico Sched Kofi Boateng 914-907-0633      
Oss Barcelona Sched Luis Dutan 914-329-9853      
Oss Malaga Sched Enver Dzaferovic 917-763-9744      
Oss Real Madrid Sched Mike Salmon 5166392478      
Oss Sevilla Sched Orin Douglas 646-301-8623 Hiluan Jordan
Oss Valencia Sched Kenroy Harris 914-488-5199      
U12G  (4 Teams) 
Oss Lyon Sched Darryl Estrine 9149449623, 9177838874      
Oss Marseille Sched Peg Cioffi 917-282-6715      
Oss Monaco Sched Ken Laibowitz 9149237730, 9142606885      
Oss PSG Sched Jon Chauca 914-484-1098
U14B  (3 Teams) 
Oss Argentina Sched Rich Farewell 917-337-2667      
Oss Ivory Coast Sched Darryl Chambers 914-218-7737 Tanya Vanegas 914-804-8769
Oss Spain Sched Milton Chacha 914-424-1927      
U14G  (1 Team)  
Oss Bayern Sched Gus Felipe 9147623622      
U16C  (1 Team)  
Oss Europa Sched Freddy Rivera 9143195734      

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