Fireside Chat: Solving EHS Challenges To Achieve Real-Time Visibility

For anyone in EHS, workplace safety and compliance are always top of mind. But too often, tracking safety incidents with paper, spreadsheets, or rigid systems causes a lack of visibility that can lead to accidents or fines.

Manufacturing firms use Quickbase's low-code solutions
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Gain More Control With Pipelines

Join us for a “fireside chat” with Frank Matyoka, Director of EHS at Harvey Building Products, who is streamlining their data collection and reporting to improve compliance practices and create a safer work environment. You’ll hear how his company used customized apps built with Quick Base to help them:

♦ Save time and manpower on reporting to compliance agencies
♦ Eliminate 30% of reportable safety incidents by acting on data (projected)
♦ Reduce workman's comp payout of $200,000 - $400,000

Watch now and find out how you can solve EHS challenges!