Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

My current definition of Business Utopia: IT and business folks working together to build solutions to real problems with appropriate technology. I see so much good technology gone bad, because, IMHO, these two factions aren’t translating between their different languages. Our example… Many prospects and customers don’t want IT involved in their QuickBase account. Their top reasons:

1.    IT will take control and not let me do what I need.

2.    IT will take too long to build a solution that then won’t work.

The flip side, IT customers often don’t let their business friends use “their” QuickBase, because:

1.    They will not try to understand it; I’ll be stuck supporting their mess.

2.    They will use it for everything; I won’t be able to manage the potential growth.

Both of these parties are losing out on helpful, even critical, input and support with these positions.

They can get what they want though. Example… a top financial services company using QuickBase for event management, which is not core to their business offering, but it is necessary for their business operations. Together, IT and the business users had spent $300,000+ on an event management system that never worked. IT had to field requests to change reports “all the time”. The business user had to wait two weeks to for a new column on a report that they needed “yesterday”. Using QuickBase, IT has the standardization, centralization, and security oversight that they need for corporate applications, and the business user has the immediacy and “exact solution” they need. Both sides understand each others needs now.

Since we continue to find it a challenge to get the business folks and the IT folks to talk together about solutions, do I have my head in the clouds thinking QuickBase can help?

P.S. Yes, I’m back. Sorry for the delay. I’ll respond to the recent (great!) comments this week; I had to get these thoughts off my chest… even during budgeting we had the talk about “avoiding IT” as a benefit for QuickBase; I don’t like that! Oh, and… drum roll… FY06 Budgeting review went really well! Thanks for all your support. YAY!!!

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