What I Learned at the TechTarget Summit

…or rather, ‘What didn’t I learn? Not much.’ It was a great 1-day conference, held at the Boston-Newton Marriott, just a hop and a skip from our office here in Waltham.

Really relevant material and great panelists. All attendees heard from companies like VersionOne, Tableau, HP and Google. If you are in the IT industry or have products and services you sell to IT buyers – you may find some of the below content relevant.

Three learnings that I found interesting are:

#1Give your prospects a map of how they are supposed to find your product. They know what they are looking for generally; but it would be great if we could help them during their search/research phase. There’s so much content out there. Push relevant messages that will help them narrow their focus. Not necessarily just on your product/offering – consider giving them industry information early on during their research phase.

#2IT buyer preferences for online content types: 66% find that trial software offers are v. effective; 38% find that case studies are v. effective; followed by white papers (37%), vendor demos (36%), online videos (31%), webcasts (28%), etc…

#3 – Also, did you know that IT buyers spend more time on Google search – often times digging down 3-4+ pages until they find what they are looking for?

For those of you considering QuickBase or for those who have already decided on QuickBase – what other types of information/content can we provide you with in order to make the research phase when learning about the online database market even easier?

How can we make your search even easier and less time consuming? Let me know, I’m all ears.

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