What did we do in that half hour?

You might be wondering what the QuickBase team does to release a new version. I can give you a peek from my perspective…

Late this evening, many of us returned before our 11:00p cutover to get ready… Some dilligent folks in QA and Operations were working straight through…

While we were waiting for the appointed time, we had a ceremonial bug bashing (That’s Jana swinging the bat):


At 11:00, the Ops guys did a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure QuickBase came down smoothly, updated the files, and brought the new version up. This process took around 15 minutes.

After the servers were back up, a team of folks both in the office and at home logged in to do what is called ‘smoke testing’, making sure all of the major functions in QB were working correctly. Smoke tests are simple tests that should take around 10 minutes. For example, my job was to test out all the different methods of ‘Create from Scratch’ to make sure that the base functionality was still working. Here’s Peter doing his smoke tests.

After we were satisfied that the main functionality was working, we removed the ‘updating’ page, and y’all were able to log back in.

We, of course, are being especially watchful for the next few days, to make sure we shake out any remaining issues that may crop up.

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  • the robot

    nice pics of the bug bashing

  • the robot

    nice pics of the bug bashing