We’re moving faster to meet your needs

Has it already been 4 weeks? Where did the month go? This weekend we will be releasing a myriad of enhancement requests, bug fixes, and new features. The best part – ZERO downtime. Thanks Ops team.

We also thought it would be a good time to give you some insight into our processes and what you can expect moving forward.

How are we releasing new features and product improvements so often?

Well, we’ve shifted our thinking and process for product development so we can be more agile and so you can enjoy the fruits of our engineers’ labor sooner rather than later. The result is that we’ve launched new features and product improvements about every 4 weeks since December. Some features are big and some are small, some are improvements to existing features, and some are small fixes like a typo—hey it happens to everyone—but whatever the improvement they’re all focused on supporting a better application environment for your team and business.

Why is this important?

Simple. You asked for it. We heard many of our customers, our partners and talented application builders across the QuickBase network say they wanted to hear more about what was happening with the product. Well, it’s evolving and it’s happening faster than ever before. You can expect this pace to continue as we focus on improving QuickBase in response to your requests and new market opportunities. Look to our KnowledgeBase for detailed release notes on every release, information about timing and service availability, and of course this blog for announcement messages.

What can you expect from each of our releases?

We split the work we do to serve all our constituents and focus on creating the best experience we can for each. That means that with every release we’re continuing to develop features for large teams using our Enterprise plan as well as address the requirements of smaller teams who need to quickly and easily deploy apps. We also reserve time to address any bugs you help us find. By the way, if you find any we want to know. Please submit a case to our support team.

We are excited to be able to deliver value faster and more often to our customers of every size. Have an idea for a new feature or enhancement? We’d love to hear from you or leave us a comment!

You can also reach us and other QuickBase fans via our Facebook page, Twitter stream, and Linkedin group.

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  • TonJense

    I think more and smaller releases are not the solution. More releases mean more maintenance hours, more costs, more risks…. Personally I would not mind waiting a while for a change. But then I would like to know when to expect suggested improvements. Now I have made some suggestions for productimprovements way back in 2008 and it's still not clear if and when Intuit will ever implement them…
    I've asked for a roadmap and/or a list of productimprovements Intuit is working on before, but it's not there or Intuit does not want to share it with its users.
    This behaviour does not motivate users (at least me) to send in more suggestions that diasappear in the balck box…..

    Ton Jense

  • Al Clawson

    Ton, I've asked for basic features of relational databases to be implemented for over half a decade now (Table [C] which is a child of [B] which is a child of [A] should be able to query table [A] directly instead of having to copy half of [A] into [B] and then copy it again into [C]). I too have given up on sending in suggestions – and even bug reports – because I rarely get a response beyond “thanks for sharing, we'll look into that”

  • Having an open culture of multi-way feedback on your team gives everyone a chance to grow. Plus it opens up communication channels and keeps everyone on the same page.