We’re All in This Together

There’s a great quote today on John Soat’s CIOs Uncensored Blog.  The quote is from Dave Bent, CIO of United Stationers:

"there is no such thing as an IT project — there are business projects that leverage technology to enable them. Once businesses understand that fact, then they understand that there must be joint business and IT accountability to deliver against expectations."

I believe this understanding is one of the reasons we see QuickBase spreading so quickly throughout an organization once IT embraces it.  I’m hearing from our customers that there is a real shift in the traditional roles of the business user and IT.  The business user is now an active participant in not only the planning but also the execution of a project, and IT is sharing control (and the overwhelming burden of “success”) while maintaining crucial visibility.  The net-net is aligned teams throughout, leading to tighter collaboration and better execution. 

I’d love to hear other stories of better Business User & IT relationships (and more importantly, better results) due to QuickBase!


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