The Good and the Bad… Tell Us!

I’m an optimist; it is a natural disposition. Why is that important to you? I want to make sure that you know, despite my overall sunny outlook in this blog, our team takes it seriously when we’ve missed the mark or screwed up. I’m hoping these two customer stories will encourage you to tell us both the good and the bad … we listen.

First, a customer — one impacted by a screw up on our side a few months ago actually — sent me this story last week:

I configured a QuickBase application to track our annual IT budget, including projects and approved budget items. With this application, we will know where we are with the budget at all times.

The best part – it only took me a couple of hours, while a team of spreadsheet experts hadn’t figured out where to start. When I presented this to my boss, he was so excited he could not stay in his seat.

[Side question: How do you get across to people you can do something like this with QuickBase — something that would have taken them days, weeks, even sometimes months to do in the past in hours?]

While stories like this provide the team energy, where that energy goes is working on fixing stories like this…

On Friday, a customer, desperate to find anyone who could help, got stuck with me as her help provider. She was frustrated and angry by not being able to modify “how things list out” before a meeting with her boss. The problem took about two minutes to handle over the phone; it wasn’t complex. This shouldn’t have taken so much work on her part. She had tried to read the help and the knowledge base, tried to click on every button and link, etc.

The problem boiled down to her not understanding two basic database structures: fields and forms. Since a core value of QuickBase is to allow business users — even those who do not speak database — to create, modify and support applications that enable them to get work done, we are missing the mark here. To reach our potential on this core value, we need to make these concepts more… well, INTUITive. We are working on it.

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